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"The way we learn has changed forever! We are seeing a greater range of creative online learning opportunities than ever before. MyCPDGroup has been created to make it easier for schools, teachers and parents to access this incredible content without the burden of new logins and setups everytime"
Graham Tennant
Head of Standards - MyCPDGroup

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What the DFE say…

Evidence suggests, for example, that a one-day course as a stand-alone activity without a specific focus is unlikely to have a lasting impact on pupil outcomes.”

DFE Standard for teachers’ professional development 2016.

What we do…

At MyCPDGroup we are dedicated to providing engaging content that leads to purposeful communities. This allows our courses to better meet DFE Professional Development Standards. Say goodbye to passive online content – say hello to courses that don’t end when the video stops.

Say Goodbye To Standalone

FREE School CPD Space

What the DFE say…

Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership

DFE Standard for teachers’ professional development 2016.

What we do…

Old, outdated and clumsy systems as well as inappropriate platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp do little to demonstrate a schools commitment to professional development. Schools need appropriate systems for professional development to flourish and we are proud to be able to offer every school in the world their own dedicated Professional Development Community on the MyCPDGroup platform totally FREE!


Your personal CPD portfolio

For the first time ever MyCPDGroup creates an environment for individuals to take ownership of their own CPD. Think you’re ready for a ‘middle leadership’ course – take it! Want to improve your understanding of phonics before you move to reception – go for it! 

Re watch content, join communities and print your certificates from one central location. Your own profile hub is a digital ongoing record of progress you keep FOREVER! 

Unlike any other system, MyCPDGroup is driven by a powerful social engine so your school can also easily purchase courses for you. These go straight into your profile hub as well! 


Take control of YOUR CPD

Full accountability


Managing CPD made EASY! 

MyCPDGroup has been created for a rapidly evolving world. There have never been more online opportunities for professional development and now you can access and manage them all from one account. It has simply never been easier to support your staff:

– Buy multiple courses with one transaction

– Buy access for your unique requirements

– Send licence access to your staff directly

– Monitor progress for ALL courses purchased

MyCPDGroup gives school leaders the tools they need to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to professional development! 

REAL Experts & REAL Support

What the DFE say…

Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise

DFE Standard for teachers’ professional development 2016.

What we do…

We believe many current online courses are nothing more than glorified reading tests or passive video content. At MyCPDGroup we are passionate about raising standards so we work closely with consultants who are familiar with the DFE Standards. Through MyCPDGroup it has never been easier for educators to benefit from the tailored support high quality consultants can offer. 

What the DFE say…

“Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge.”

DFE Standard for teachers’ professional development 2016.

What we do…

It doesn’t make sense to us that courses that happen online should have different standards than courses that happen in person. How can a course be ‘certified’ as high quality when it doesn’t meet the DFE Standards? The incredible experts who use MyCPDGroup aspire to work openly alongside the DFE Standards rather than standing behind a  ‘CPD accreditation’ badge. 

Transparent standards


"The innovation we have seen from the educational community has been incredible, MyCPDGroup is going to be much more than just high quality CPD!"
Graham Tennant
Head of Standards - MyCPDGroup

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What people are saying about MyCPDGroup

"Professional development and education content delivered through courses reinforced by communities! I am excited to explore what's available. This will no doubt raise standards for CPD."
Clare Ward
Leighswood Primary School
“Creating courses with My CPD Group was a no brainer for us. The link to the DfE teacher CPD standards and the drive to make a change for the better for all CPD is something we’re passionate about, the ease of use and functionality of My CPD Group makes a powerful and enjoyable CPD experience.”
"Relevant, topical and engaging CPD at the touch of a button. The supporting communities can only further enhance the professional development of their staff."
Laura White
Our Lady and St Benedict Catholic Academy

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