Active Learning Booster

Self-paced hands-on teacher support online training programme for Early Years and Primary Educators who are ready to offer Future-Oriented Education based on the Active Experiential Holistic Learning approach.

Watch this short video below to find out more about the programme.

In ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER programme you’ll learn how to offer your children Active Experiential Holistic Learning & Development on a daily basis, without long-term planning or lengthy preparations. 

When you complete the programme, experiential learning will become easy to organise, and you will be able to cover any topic, theme, or learning goal.

Powerful Interactive Features include:

  • 12 weeks of transformational training content

  • over 30 pre-recorded online video lessons

  • each lesson is less than 15 minutes long

  • hands-on tasks and follow-up activities in each lesson

  • instant implementation at your workplace

  • ready-to-use tools and strategies 

  • how to create safe Play & Learning Stations

  • how to create sustainable Resource Banks

  • CPD Portfolio builder

  • training content is ALL curriculum friendly

  • and aligned with the EYFS framework and NVQ in CCLD & Playwork Level 3 Standards (Competence-Based Component)

Under our careful guidance you will complete hands-on tasks and implement new strategies.

You will create effective and inspiring play & learning spaces for your children, and build sustainable banks of educational resources and materials.

You will implement a long-term framework, and observe the direct results of your work and how your children react to the changes you introduce. 

How the programme works?

  1. Teachers watch our powerful video training lessons – all packed with examples of best practice, case studies, and strategies to implement.

  2. Each lesson offers hands-on tasks and interactive activities that teachers complete during or after watching the videos.

  3. After each video lesson teachers receive hands-on tasks to implement at their workplace, frameworks and strategies to try out, resources to gather, and play spaces to design.

  4. This way teachers can see immediate results of their work, and observe how their efforts bring about long-term benefits for their children’s learning and development.

  5. During this transformational programme teachers will be creating their own CPD Portfolios. These will help them track their own progress and collect strong evidence of their achievements.

  6. And once they complete the entire training in full, they will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining the main programme content and their learning take-aways.

ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER has been created by experienced Teacher Trainers, Assessors in NVQ in Children’s Care Learning & Development (CCLD) and NVQ in School Playwork. You can rest assured you are in good hands!

The change starts with you!

Enrol for ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER now, and become the Educator of the Future – today!


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  • 4 hours 30 minutes


  • 10 Modules
  • 31 Lessons
  • Course Certificate