Active Learning in Future-Oriented Education: Hands-on Online Course for Teachers

Active Learning in Future-Oriented Education

In this FREE hands-on online course for Early Years Practitioners and Primary Teachers you’ll:

  • explore the main differences between passive and Active Learning
  • discover why Active Learning is the Pillar of Future-Oriented Education
  • learn active learning strategies to support Early Reading and Early Maths

All training materials in this course are aligned with the EYFS statutory framework and with the NVQ Standards Level 3 in CCLD and School Playwork (Competence-Based Components).

Your Certificate of Completion

Upon finishing the course you will receive a fully personalised Certificate of Completion as evidence of your professional development – with your full name and the completion date.

About the Authors

ACTIVE LEARNING in FUTURE-ORIENTED EDUCATION has been created by Founders of Natural Born Leaders – experienced Teacher Trainers, Learning Experiences Designers, NVQ Assessors in Children’s Care Learning & Development (CCLD), and School Playwork.

They’ve helped hundreds of other educators develop their professional skills and validate their existing experience against national standards and governmental requirements.

So rest assured that you will be guided in a very similar way too, and as a result you will finish this course with new knowledge and understanding, future-oriented skills, and strong evidence of your professional growth.

Further CPD Training

This free short course is part of a full-length CPD online training programme for Early Years and Primary Educators – ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER.

For more details visit the programme webpage here:

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