Become A Hero For Autistic Children In Your Classroom


Teachers, classroom assistants, and student teachers – this is the training required to get the best out of autistic pupils.

This motivational, uplifting, and inspiring online training session brings a new and progressive strength-based approach to autism training. It is approved by the autistic community, and provided by autistic author, advocate, and speaker, Jude Morrow, of Neurodiversity Training International – the world’s premier autism training, coaching, and advocacy platform.

This course will benefit teachers, classroom assistants, and students of either discipline. The aim of the session is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to ensure autistic pupils thrive in your schools. It focuses in on the gifts that autism brings, the incredible minds that autistic children have, and how best to nurture them to give confidence and hope.

In this empowering, uplifting session, Jude shares his experiences of growing up as a non-accepting autistic child into a proud autistic adult, enabling teaching staff to transform the classroom experience for autistic pupils, promoting acceptance, and seeking to remove potentially harmful outdated misconceptions.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Have gained a detailed and insightful introduction to Neurodiversity, and a greater understanding of autism, to help create positive learning environments for all of your pupils
  • Have a foolproof strategy to build better relationships with your autistic pupils, know how to unlock their potential, and help them achieve the very best that they are capable of
  • Understand how traditional ‘autism awareness training’, language, and the stereotypes that come with them are, and should be, a thing of the past, and how we can work together to remove them
  • Understand what autistic people actually struggle with – not what others think we struggle with
  • Understand behaviours that have traditionally been viewed as ‘disruptive’, including breaking down the myths of stimming, and gain practical advice to help understand and communicate for a better outcome for all involved
  • Take an acceptance rather than ‘awareness’-based approach, and be in a position to offer a real alternative to the outdated traditions that have long restricted and impeded autistic children in schools
  • Bring a progressive, strength-based approach to report writing to inspire pupils and shape developmental strategy
  • And most of all, appreciate that your autistic pupils and students are already wonderful and incredible exactly how they are. Autistic children are not a broken version of normal

At the end of it all attendees will receive a CPD Accredited certificate of attendance.

You have the chance to be a hero for an autistic child – TAKE IT.


Course materials will be available once you have enrolled on this course.


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