Behaviour, what behaviour? Putting relationships first.


Exploring pupil behaviour to inform teaching and build learning relationships


This is a Foundation unit and forms the introduction for eight module courses that together comprise a complete CDP package for teachers and those working with pupils of any age or stage of learning.

All elements of this course and of the eight modules that make up the complete CPD package are based on my learning journal for teachers and my own 30+ years of experience as a teacher and as a leader as well as a further 10 years of research and working as a consultant in education. I have developed a successful narrative for how teachers can build effective learning relationships with their pupils that I wish to share with you on your learning journey.

Unit content and objective

What can pupil behaviour tell us about their learning needs and how do we interpret how they are behaving in order to recognise and meet those needs? This Foundation unit will help you answer this question.

The process starts by seeing pupil behaviour as a symptom of need rather than a challenge to authority or of being naughty. My own experience and research have shown that pupils seek to satisfy a number of needs through their behaviour. Often these needs are misinterpreted by the teacher and this can result in disaffected and underachieving pupils, pupils that provide a challenge to teach.

The key to understanding behaviour is to reflect on your teaching and your relationships with your pupils. This unit will take you through such a reflective exercise, this is a requirement of any course that wishes to meet the Teachers Professional Development Standards for CPD.

Based on the work I undertook to write ‘If you can’t reach them you can’t teach them, Building effective learning relationships.’ and over 40 years in teaching this Foundation unit will give you an insight into the behaviour of pupils in your class and how it can signal a need that you can satisfy through your teaching.

The full CPD package

You can opt to take one or more of the module courses allowing you to be in full control of your CPD

The eight module courses that go together to make up the complete CPD package are:

  • Managing professional challenges when making changes
  • Exploring learner relationships.
  • Learner needs.
  • Meeting the four learner engagement needs.
  • Teaching practices that include rather than exclude learners.
  • Managing your time effectively and dealing with the issue of personal capacity.
  • John’s 12 rules. A list of 13 (no, that is not a mistake) rules to follow in your teaching from my mentor John.
  • Learning Intelligence, is our ability to manage our learning environment to meet our learning needs.


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