Bullying – Ways to Prevent, Manage & Handle It WEBINAR


Bullying – Ways to Prevent, Manage & Handle It: An Empowering Webinar for Parents and Professionals

Bullying is a pressing issue that affects countless children and families worldwide. It’s a problem that demands attention, understanding, and effective strategies for prevention and intervention. For parents and professionals working with families, this is a call to action.

Join me for a powerful and transformative webinar:

“Bullying – Ways to Prevent, Manage & Handle It: A Webinar for Parents and Professionals”

Discover the Insights, Strategies, and Tools You Need

Understanding Bullying: Gain a deep understanding of the various forms of bullying and the impact it has on children and families.

Spotting the Signs: Learn how to recognise signs of bullying in children, even when they are hesitant to share their experiences.

Prevention Strategies: Explore effective prevention techniques and tools to create a safe environment for your child or clients.

Support and Intervention: Discover ways to provide immediate and long-term support for children who have experienced bullying.

Boosting Resilience: Explore methods to boost children’s resilience and self-confidence, helping them navigate bullying situations.

Professional Insights: Expert guidance on addressing and managing bullying within families & in school.

Resource Toolkit: Access a comprehensive resource toolkit, including helpful guides, anti-bullying diaries, and mental health support resources.

Certificate of Participation: Receive a certificate showcasing your commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and families.

Community and Peer Support: Connect with other parents and professionals who are passionate about addressing bullying, fostering a network of understanding and care.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to empower yourself or enhance your professional expertise by joining “Bullying – Ways to Prevent, Manage & Handle It.”

This webinar is your gateway to a world where bullying is met with knowledge, resilience, and empathy, empowering children and families to face this challenge head-on.

Share this invaluable opportunity with fellow parents and colleagues who may benefit from these transformative strategies.

For more information on all things parenting, visit my website: www.thesueatkins.com

Together, we can create a future where bullying is not just prevented and managed but transformed into an opportunity for growth, resilience, and strength. “Bullying – Ways to Prevent, Manage & Handle It” is your key to a brighter, more compassionate world for our children.


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