Dyslexia in the Early Years. (From identification to Intervention)

In this course we shall be exploring the world of dyslexia learning about what it is but more importantly spotting the early signs of dyslexia.  Dyslexia can be detected in the early years, you just need to know what you are looking for! Then, once you suspect a child may be showing of signs of dyslexia, you then need to begin the right intervention.  This will be discussed in the Power Hour webinar where you shall be armed full of strategies, tips and advice in how to BEST support a child you suspect may be dyslexic.

My guarantee is you will walk away feeling more confident about dyslexia and strategies to support early learners.

  • Understanding what dyslexia is.
  • Early signs to look out for.
  • Strategies to support young learners showing signs of dyslexia
  • Q and A with Paloma Forde

Paloma Forde is a leading expert in the field of Special Educational Needs with 25 years of experience working across all sectors.  She specialises in supporting parents, professionals and early years educators in spotting the signs of special needs and ensuring that the right provision is given to support young children.

She founded Screening4Dyslexia back in 2017 realising there was a significant gap for early screening of dyslexia. Her small business has received recognition for her work by both BBC’s Theo Pathitis winning Small Business Sunday and CBE Jacqueline Gold’s Women In Business Award.  Paloma is an author, educational consultant, specialised study skills tutor, teacher and more recently a speaker. She has spoken both at an International and National level and will be speaking at the National Dyslexia Show in March 2023.

Paloma offers training to a wide range of settings through www.mycpdgroup.com.


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