Experiential Learning at Home – Online Course for Parents and Home Educators

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Experiential Learning at Home

This FREE hands-on online course for Early Years and Primary Parents and Home Educators will help you support your children’s Active Cross-Curricular Learning in your home – both after school and during out-of-school time.

All with minimum time commitment for you, and with maximum educational impact and engagement for your children!

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this course you’ll learn:

  • WHY Holistic Learning is so important for your children’s healthy and balanced development

  • WHAT is Active Experiential Learning

  • HOW Active Experiential Learning accelerates your children’s educational progress

  • HOW Active Learning supports cross-curricula outcomes for your children

  • HOW to support your children’s fitness and balanced physical development

  • strategies to support Early Maths at Home and HOW to work with numbers

About the Course:

  • Short 5-minute-long reading lessons – each with high quality visuals illustrating examples of best practice and tools & strategies to facilitate your children’s learning in a home environment!

  • Each lesson contains reflective activities, discussions and hands-on tasks for you to try out and implement at your home right away!

  • Your time commitment will be no more than 10-15 minutes per lesson. And your children will receive high quality learning that will keep them busy for hours or even days!

  • All activities and strategies in this course will help you support your children’s Personalised and Full-Potential Learning at home – whether after school or during out-of-school time!

ACTIVE EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING is the only way to make sure children’s holistic growth – their physical, mental and emotional development – is adequately supported. This in turn will accelerate their educational progress.

Course Main Features:

  1. Duration: 4 weeks (1x lesson per week) + 1x Bonus Lesson

  2. Time commitment for parents: 10-15 mins per lesson

  3. Learning and engagement time for children: ongoing (depending on individual children’s learning needs and preferences)

  4. Age range: Early Years and Primary Education (up to 10 years old)

About the Authors

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING at HOME has been created by Founders of Natural Born Leaders – experienced Teacher Trainers, Learning Experiences Designers, NVQ Assessors in Children’s Care Learning & Development (CCLD) and School Playwork, and life-long home schooling parents.

They’ve helped hundreds of parents and other educators develop their skills. So rest assured that you will be guided in a very similar way too, and as a result you will finish this short course with new knowledge and understanding, future-oriented skills, and strong evidence of your growth.

Further Learning

This free short course is part of ACTIVE LEARNING STARTER, a full-length home learning support programme for Early Years and Primary Parents and Home Educators. For more details visit the programme webpage here:


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