The Wise Bear Stories Masterclass – How To Raise A Confident Child In Today’s World

How To Raise A Confident Child In Today’s World!…

The Wise Bear Masterclass – A Unique Course for Both Parents/Teachers & Children – Includes 6 Books and 50 Videos.

The Wise Bear Masterclass is a rare course where parents/teachers and children get to work on a program together.  Children get to learn vital principles that will literally transform their understanding of life and how to manage their mind and emotions in everyday experiences, so they can maintain a balanced outlook and with that mental wellness for life!  Adults get to learn the science behind these timeless principles including tips on how to share them and teach them to children.

If you want the children in your life to be able to dissolve anxiety, have genuine confidence and happiness, then The Wise Bear Masterclass is a must program to follow.

Problems aren’t going away, so don’t wish for a life without problems, wish for more solutions, and that’s precisely what Wise Bear offers.

This Masterclass is the result of 30 years of personal development study and teaching and being a parent for 18 years. In my own parenting I quickly learned that if I solved `my child’s problem she breathed easier that day, BUT when I taught her to discover her own solutions, she would breathe easier for a Lifetime! And that was PURE GOLD! The Masterclass will help the children in your life experience the same confidence and independence.

Although the principles apply to all ages, the optimal age for this course and books is between 4 and 11 years.

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Hear From The Author and Creator Scott Cranfield on The Video Below…

What Are The Wise Bear Stories?

The Wise Bear Stories are a powerful series of children’s personal development books, designed to help children deal with the anxieties and emotional challenges they face in life, as well as give them strategies to maximise their individual potential. In essence, the stories help children learn how to manage their mind and emotions, so they can live with a balanced mindset. 


What Is the Masterclass Video Support Course, And How Does It Work with The Stories?

There are currently 6 books in the series.  For each book, there are 4 video lessons for children and 4


What Is the Masterclass Video Support Course, And How Does It Work with The Stories?

There are currently 6 books in the series.  For each book, there are 4 video lessons for children and 4 support videos for parents/teachers. The video lessons use mini-challenges and quizzes to help the children take the lessons in the story and apply them to their own life.  This has the effect of helping the children re-wire their brains to see a new perspective, one that is more empowering to their life.

For the parents and teachers, the videos provide more science behind the principles, plus coaching tips on how to help children integrate these lessons into their lives.


Who Age Group Is Wise Bear Aimed At?

The books work really well for 4 – 11 years old’s, although the principles apply to all ages!

The chief aim of the stories is to help reduce the onset of mental health conditions, by helping children learn how to manage their mind and emotions. 

Learning these principles while they are young will give children the tools to maintain mental wellness throughout their life. A balanced mind is about the strongest guarantee you can give a child for mental well-being. 


Why Are These Stories Important?

Recent research suggests that in the USA approximately half of all American youth will have a diagnosable mental illness at some point before they are 18 (Child Mind Institute) and in the UK as many as 1 in 6 young people (Anxiety UK) will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their lives, this means that up to 5 children in every state school class may be living with anxiety, whether that be OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), social anxiety and shyness, exam stress, worry or panic attacks. If there was a simple engaging medium such as stories that helped children (and parents) make sense of some of their challenges and bring their mind back to balance they might avoid mental health problems later in life, as well as perform better now. 


How do I Know the Stories Are Based on Sound Psychological Advice?

Scott Cranfield, the author has been an active student of psychology and human behaviour for over 30 years, attending lectures and seminars all over the World with leading educators. He is the creator of multiple courses and seminars on human behaviour and mental performance in sport, business, and life.


Do Psychologists Recommend These Stories?

Yes. The stories have been endorsed and used by many qualified psychologists, including Dr. John Demartini voted World’s Leading Human Behaviour Specialist.


What Benefits Can Children Expect from Reading These Stories & Applying the Lessons?

We all know life will throw us many challenges, and this will continue throughout our life.  Therefore, it is impossible to teach children what to do in every situation. However, because the lessons shared by Wise Bear are based on the true essence of human behaviour, children will learn the skill of “how to think” rather than relying on others telling them “What to think”.  This ability of “how to think” will help children gain an empowering perspective, no matter what life throws at them.


What Benefits Can Teachers/ Parents Expect from Reading These Stories & Helping Children Apply the Lessons?

Children don’t always open up about what’s going on in their life, and when they do it’s not always easy for a parent or teacher to know what to say or how to help. This is where Wise Bear comes in. The stories are based on real life and typical events, therefore they become a conduit for parents and teachers to start a conversation. 

Every story ends with a short exercise, which presents an opportunity for parents/ teachers to explore the answers together and for parents/teachers to share their wisdom and experiences.


Are There Any Drawbacks to These Stories?

Wise Bear Stories are different… they are not morally based trying to teach right from wrong, nor do they always follow the common mindset models often promoted. Instead, they share timeless principles of true human behaviour, which whilst known for centuries, is understood very little and coached even less. 

Therefore, if there is a drawback, it might be they will challenge your thinking, and what you believe. Embracing a new idea can take work, and that’s why each story ends with an exercise so children (and adults) can apply the lessons to their own life.  By doing this you will discover the truth.  Many parents comment that they too are benefiting from the lessons! 🙂


What Makes These Stories Different?

See the answer above.


What Is the Author’s Mission?

The strapline for Wise Bear is… ‘Helping You Through Life’s Journey’ and that’s exactly what I hope Wise Bear will do for children and families, across the World. To do this I want to offer Wise Bear principles to as many children as possible through schools, health centres, etc.


How Did These Stories Come About?

As a father of 2 children (13 & 18), I am acutely aware of the mental challenges children face growing up in today’s world, and I wanted to use everything I knew from 30 years of coaching to help them grow up understanding ‘How to Think’ and not ‘what to think’ so they could cope with any challenge that life threw at them.

I did this by taking the events of my children’s lives and turning them into bedtime stories.  Even though I am sure my children knew the stories were about them, they found it easier listening to Wise Bear and applying his wisdom, rather than from their parents.  

For my family these have been wonderful bedtime stories, helping our children go off to sleep with a restful, calm and balanced mind, which means so do my wife and I! 🙂


Have The Stories Been Used in Schools?


During the test phase of these stories, I shared the principles at many schools and received tremendous feedback from both teachers and pupils, accumulating in the UK’s leading broadcast channel The BBC filming a session. You can see the clip here… BBC News Website.


What Feedback Have the Stories Had?

During the research stage, the most common feedback I received was… “this information and help is badly needed” We have received multiple testimonials, including some from leading educators, doctors and psychologists. 


How Many Stories Are There?

There are 6 stories in collection 1, each covering a different aspect of life. I have the outline for a further 24 stories.

The author has also written two other eBooks in this space… ‘7 Habits For A Magical Family Life’ and ‘Unlock Your Child’s Potential’

Will I receive a Certificate?

Yes, just complete all the modules and when your progress becomes 100%, the Certificate will be available to be downloaded.


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