How To Raise A Confident Child In Today’s World

How To Raise A Confident Child In Today’s World! 

A unique course that teaches your child how to manage their mind and their emotions, so they can live their life to the full! 

Based on The Wise Bear Stories Collection (6 books included with the course) You get 25 videos for parents/teachers and 25 for children.  Each video is approx. 5-10 mins.  

Your child will learn to master these timeless principles so they really can manage their mind and emotions, not only today but for the rest of their life! 


You will learn the science behind these principles, so you understand why they work and how best to coach them to the child in your life. 


By learning to master these principles your child will have the tools to build their self-esteem & confidence, as well as dissolving their anxieties.


There is simply nothing else like this on the market!


Optimal age range is 4-11. 


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