Healthy Eating Workshop – Is Sugar Bad For Us?


Healthy Eating with Kiddy Cook

Areas: North West, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, London & Greater London, Leighton Buzzard

Our healthy eating blended workshop is a tailor made unit of work that has been developed in-line with the health and wellbeing curriculum. It consists of a video to kickstart your topic, a classroom cooking experience and follow-up activity worksheets.

This tailor-made blended workshop consists of an enriching and progressive scheme of work, where children will be learning a great deal about sugar, through active learning, active listening, group work and hands on cooking.

Topic Video

  • Kickstart your healthy eating topic with our video – Is Sugar Bad For You?

  • Designed for a primary-aged audience

  • Interactive

  • Includes interviews with scientists

  • Carefully planned content to cover curriculum objectives

Classroom Cooking Experience

We can accommodate up to 3 classes (90 children) during the school day for a full day’s worth of highly engaging, hands on learning. We bring everything to include all utensils, aprons and ingredients, and our no-cook recipe can be prepared in the classroom:

  • During this practical cooking session we’ll show the children how to prepare nutritious and delicious energy balls using no refined sugar, and they’ll develop important skills in food handling and preparation;

  • Each child will receive a recipe card so they can make their recipe again and again;

  • Please be advised that the price of this blended workshop does not include the cost of ingredients, packaging and recipe card which are charged extra at £2/child once numbers are confirmed.

Follow-up Worksheets

Become a sugar sleuth with our activity booklet and discover how much of the sweet stuff is hidden in our food.

Join our course community group and ask questions or feedback on areas of improvement.


Course materials will be available once you have enrolled on this course.

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