Life Skills Toolkit


The Life Skills Toolkit has been designed and created to provide children with opportunities to develop some of the key skills they can use to be successful in learning and life. The toolkit provides a Life Skills Table covering the focus skills required to develop social, thinking, communication, research, independence and moral, spiritual, cultural development. Each focus skill is underpinned by specific skills, which have child friendly definitions.

The activities have been designed to be delivered in any outdoor space, such as a playground or field. However, the toolkit works best when the skills are referred to both inside and outside of the classroom. It can stand on its own as a resource or can be used to develop life skills across the whole school.

The toolkit is aimed at primary aged children and some activities are more suitable to those in upper key stage two. However, we recognise that every child will have a different starting point and will need to develop some skills more than others. The Life Skills Overview document enables you to see which skills are covered in each activity.

The Life Skills Toolkit contains:

  • Life Skills Table
  • Life Skills Activity Overview
  • 20 activity plans which include, the activity focus, specific skills, role of the adult, activity outline, resources, time allocation and extension ideas.
  • Guidance video to enable you to get the most out of the resource and gain an understanding of why it was created and how to use it.


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