Teach Yoga and Mindfulness at School – Primary: 4-11


The Teach Yoga & Mindfulness at School – Age 4-11 Educator CPD

Feel calm, confident and competent to teach the right type of yoga at school – to your children aged 4 – 11 – to benefit their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing (and yours too!). 

The Class Yoga Educator CPD is a 4 week online training course that enables school teachers, with any level of prior experience, to start sharing the incredible benefits of yoga and mindfulness with pupils. 

If you’re ready to learn a method of teaching yoga, that has proven results of increased: 





and attainment in the classroom and throughout the whole school setting – then I’m ready to share this course with you!

What is yoga and why should I be practising and teaching it?

… yoga is mindful movement that, when taught and practised correctly, has many, many benefits on psychological and physical health – for adults and children. 

It involves:

  • Strength, coordination, confidence and concentration enhancing movements and poses 

  • Posture improving, mind calming, focusing and anxiety reducing breathing exercises

  • Body and mind relaxation 

And that is just the start!

Through movement and breath work it’s much, much easier for children (and adults!) to practise being ‘mindful’, and benefit from feeling calm, present and non-reactive more of the time. 

But as well as feeling calm and content, mindfulness develops executive brain function, empathy, resilience and social skills

Who wouldn’t want to facilitate that for young people?!

Why take this course?

  • Gain a toolkit of techniques to calm your class

  • Learn how to energetically balance your class for greater focus

  • Discover new behaviour management strategies

  • Raise pupil attainment by focusing on their wellbeing

  • Improve your own wellbeing in the process!!  

And more benefits for you: up-skill… 

… with a yoga with mindfulness for children course designed specifically for educators – great to add to the CV! 

… to confidently and safely provide effective, inclusive and secular yoga and mindfulness, yourself, at school – ideal for Ofsted! 

… with a CPD that actually meets the CPD standards defined by the DfE.

Who is this course for?

School teachers of children ages 4 – 11 

Some experience of yoga is preferable, but not essential 

You have the desire to raise the wellbeing of your whole-school community! 

You have 2 hours a week, for 4 weeks available (but you can take up to 3 months).

How does it work?

This course contains 8 modules, alternating theory and practical. Upon enrolment you have access to the course content for 3 months.

You’ll move through the course sequentially, in my step by step approach, that will have you implementing what you learn from the outset!

I suggest that you take the course over 4 weeks, doing 2 modules each week – one theory, one practical. After each theory module there’s a mini assessment, to help you embed the knowledge learnt.

This is a fun, practical course. Whilst it has been designed for anyone regardless of prior experience – you must be physically fit and healthy, as you will be required to physically practise along to the videos.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Helen – Class Yoga Founder

“After an amazing experience on the Class Yoga Training, I started teaching yoga to my class at least twice a week, alongside using the Class Yoga videos. I’ve also been teaching other classes in school and got the rest of staff on board with doing your daily yoga videos. It’s had a transformative effect on the school as a whole and has clearly boosted the confidence, concentration and self-esteem of many individuals. Our school, Camelford have now won the Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing Time 2 Move Ambition 2018, and are shortlisted for CAPH Time 2 Move Primary School of the Year Award, and the introduction of yoga across the school absolutely contributed to that.”

Arran Langdon, Primary School Teacher

“After finishing the Class Yoga Kids Training course, I was keen to get started in school straight away, so letters went home to explain the benefits! It was a hit from the start, and being a boy heavy Year 5 group, it was great to see their involvement in everything we did. We had a session a week, which really helped develop my confidence and practise keeping the flow of the lessons going. My super parallel class teacher was fully on board and I taught her class a couple of sessions too. Some children began asking when the next session was! It was also nice to see girls, who were slightly reluctant to join in team sports lessons, really enjoying it and taking part.Thank you to Helen and Class Yoga for starting me on this new journey.”

Amanda, Primary School Teacher


Course materials will be available once you have enrolled on this course.



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