Movement for Well-Being in the Early Years




There are more cases of ADHD and ADHD symptoms because we know what to look for…but we do need to ask ourselves why?  Why were these symptoms not observed within classroom settings in previous years?  Could it be because children were regulated by physical activity and increased social interaction.  Our brains require physical activity and social activity…but in a society where children are living more sedentary, isolated lives, even from a very young age…we must raise concern around the impact this has on the brain.  Brain/Body connectivity has been recognised by countless pedagogues before us, Piaget, Merleau-Ponty, Antonovsky, Bruner etc.  

This course will provide early years educators and reception/FS staff an insight into how best to support young children’s physical, social and emotional well-being. The content is evidence-based and formulated following an extensive review of the literature.

Ultimately providing children with a nurturing environment with clear boundaries and limitations, physical activity, risk, social interaction and plenty of play – is the perfect foundation for any childhood. (Battelley, 2022).

Course outcomes:

  • To provide delegates with an understanding of early developmental processes
  • To explore potential retained reflexes and developmental delay
  • How to establish an inclusive, enabling environment
  • To create lesson planning to enable reflection and positivity
  • To review current practice and provision
  • Practical and theoretical content

The course also provides an online community to delegates to further discuss and share course content and provision.

After the course has been completed delegates will have access to PDF’s and research journals to further support the course content.

Documents included are:

-Time-lapse study template

-Staff physical wellbeing assessment tool

-Child’s physical well-being assessment tool


About Instructor

Helen Battelley

Helen is an internationally renowned consultant, trainer, author and speaker in Physical activity/movement in Early and Primary Education with an MA in Early Childhood Physical Activity and Movement Studies. Her training style is energetic, passionate and highly motivational. She has been working as a dance and movement specialist for over 19 years and continues to work directly with children. Helen is respected globally for her valued contribution to raising the profile of early years physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviours. Helen’s consultancy now takes her all over the world, from Malaysia to Dubai, from China to Romania. The movement philosophy Helen promotes is to embed movement within the curriculum and framework to enable a movement philosophy. “Young children learn through movement, early years practice must adopt an approach which is accessible to all”. The embodiment of her practice is to raise confidence in the areas of movement play and physical activity. The training Helen delivers ranges from supporting educators in developing activities to support the Early Years Framework, to working with coaches and PE leads to create a PE scheme of work and methodology suited to young children.

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