Mental Resilience – Practical Skills & Techniques


Red2Blue – Practical ways to REALLY make a difference to your students mental resilience.

What to expect in this short introductory course.

The idea of mental resilience is well established but we need to move past telling kids they need to be more resilient, to providing them with simple, practical ways to actually develop their mental resilience. In this short, introductory course – which will take you about an hour to complete to include 3 tasks and time for reflection – I’ll introduce you to the concept of Red2Blue and show you how clear thinking under pressure is a skill to develop and one we can all get better at.

Course objectives:

  • To give you some practical tools and techniques to help improve your students mental resilience;
  • To arm you with super helpful tips and advice to help support your students get on task when faced with difficult situations;
  • To continue your professional development by joining the discussion forum to feedback and share your ideas and opinions with other teachers and colleagues.

If, at the end of the course you’d like to find out how you can deliver Red2Blue in your classroom, ask us about our Teach the Teacher programme.


Course materials will be available once you have enrolled on this course.

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