‘Water Lab’ – Gateway to Experiential Cross-Curricular Learning through Water Play

‘Water Lab’ – Gateway to Experiential Cross-Curricular Learning through Water Play

This online hands-on CPD course for Early Years Practitioners and Primary Teachers will help you offer your children days of exciting Experiential Cross-Curricular Education that will support their holistic learning and balanced development!

Why Water

Water is one of the most exciting learning contexts. Children absolutely love water! They intuitively sense its deeply relaxing properties and its unlimited creative potential. Having water-themed play & learning stations in your early years setting or school will always support your children’s holistic growth by facilitating:

  • PERSONALISED LEARNING – water will give your children a chance to discover their most preferred ways of expressing themselves.

  • MULTI-SENSORY LEARNING & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING – water provides a deeply immersive multi-sensory environment that will relax your children, soothe their senses, and support their energy release more than any other tool available.

  • CROSS-CURRICULAR EDUCATION  – water will give your children a rich context to observe the laws of nature as they experiment, try things out, test, and creatively work with water and its properties.

  • CREATIVE EXPERIMENTS & HANDS-ON PROJECTS – water is always a truly hands-on learning environment that will allow your children to easily see immediate results and impact of their work.

What’s Included

This online course will give you everything you need to create immersive water-themed learning contexts for your children:

  1. ‘My Water Lab!’ – set of 5 theme-based Experiential Learning Schemes of Work!

  2. Step-by-step Pedagogy Instructions! 

  3. Comprehensive lists of suggested Resources and Materials!

  4. Follow-up Recommendations to take your children’s learning further!

  5. Clearly defined Key Learning Outcomes! 

  6. Health and Safety considerations!

  7. Guide on how to create immersive Learning Environments!

  8. NEWLY ADDED! – set of 4 Video Lessons on how to provide Experiential Cross-Curricular Learning through Water Play!

What You’ll Learn

This online course will help you learn and understand:

  • How water play supports ALL areas of Child Development and Learning

  • How to promote Cross-Curricular Education through water-themed play & learning stations

  • How to nurture your children’s Entrepreneurial and Leadership Mindset through water play

  • How to offer water-themed Learning Environments and activities that are safe and inspiring

  • How to support your children’s Manageable Risk-Taking through water play

  • What kind of Resources and Materials can best support your children’s water-themed play and learning

  • How to offer pre-structured activities that can effectively lead to Child-Led Learning

FREE Bonus!

When you purchase this course, you’ll also get a unique GUIDE on ‘How to Create Immersive Theme-Based Hands-On Learning Contexts’ – completely FREE of charge!

About the Authors

‘WATER LAB’ – Gateway to Experiential Cross-Curricular Learning through Water Play has been created by Founders of Natural Born Leaders – experienced Teacher Trainers, Learning Experiences Designers, NVQ Assessors in Children’s Care Learning & Development (CCLD) and School Playwork.

They’ve helped hundreds of other educators develop their professional skills and validate their existing experience against national standards and governmental requirements.

So rest assured that you will be guided in a very similar way too, and as a result you will finish this programme with new knowledge and understanding, future-oriented skills, and strong evidence of your professional growth.

Further CPD Training

To learn about Child-Led Play and Experiential Holistic Learning, sign up for our ACTIVE LEARNING BOOSTER programme for Early Years Practitioners and Primary Teachers.

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