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Supporting Families to Sleep Well Using Holistic Approaches, Evidence Based Information and Offering Practical Solutions


I have been practicing as a Holistic Sleep Coach since 2017 and have supported countless families to get a better nights sleep using methods that are responsive and meet the child's needs.


Holistic Sleep Coaching through BabyEm (OCN 6) Continuous study, Incredible Years Course learning about child behaviour and development


Expert Speaker at The Baby Show in 2023. Finalist in the Enterprising Vision Awards in the Digital Industry Category, 2023. Best Service Business by BizBubble 2023. Passport2Parenthood course was shortlisted in the Made For Mums Awards in 2023 as one of the best New Parent Products or Services.


Baby2Sleep has been supporting parents since 2017 to be better educated on the topic of baby and child sleep, and to help them navigate the first 6 years of parenting feeling prepared, empowered, and confident.
When we live in a time poor, tech rich society, we must consider how to reach the majority of people with evidence-based information without them feeling overwhelmed by the internet, and books left closed at the end of chapter 1.
Nicole Ratcliffe, founder of Baby2Sleep has created self-paced online learning to fit into the busy lifestyle of today’s parents. Teaching them about baby and child sleep and development from before the baby arrives, through to their child turning 6 years old through short videos or audio files. This means they can fit their learning into their life as a busy on the go parent who listens on the move, through to the new parent sitting down with their partner and new baby watching and learning at their own pace.
Nicole doesn’t believe people need to be dictated to, but educated to help them make informed decisions that feel right for them and their family, without judgement.
“I felt empowered by Nicole’s videos, she makes me feel like ‘I’ve got this, I can do this, and everything is going to be OK.’” Sophie (expectant parent).