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I feel the best way to help to shape the health of the next generation is via education. Education enables empowerment. Food doesn’t just fill us up it shapes our every movement, action and emotion. Understanding all of this (at a basic level) is the key to being as in control as you can be of your own health journey.


I am a writer on health and nutrition (book, articles, media). I have a radio show 'Food For Thought' on Teacher Hug Radio and I am an Early Years Nutrition Consultant, working on menu development and nutritional education.I have experience as a Personal Trainer so understand the importance of physical activity for health. I worked with adults on 1:1 Nutrition Coaching for many years before I specialised in early years nutrition in 2018 when I researched for my book – How Food Shapes Your Child. We can prevent some of the issues adult face with health and/or the food relationship if we address the food and biology link early on.


Nutritional Therapist Diploma, Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor, Fundamentals of Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Lifestyle Medicine, Advanced Stress Management Advisor, Advanced Sleep Management Advisor, Advanced Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor, Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, Advanced Research Techniques, Personal Trainer Diploma L3, Certificate in Exercise Referral (GP referral qualification), Food Allergies and Intolerances, Food Colourings Part 1 – Treat or Threat?, Food Colourings Part 2 – Harmful to Children?, Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain, Science of Happiness, Autism Awareness, Nutrition and Mental Health, Veganism & Nutrient deficiencies


Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award 2019- How Food Shapes Your Child- Parenting category Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday – 2019- The Health Kick Jacqueline Gold WOW Award 2020


I aim to make biology and knowing our own body as much fun as possible, the human body is fascinating but we are in a scary situation with our health.  I hope to be able to positively influence the health of a generation via nutrition education.
To educate on nutrition to enable individuals to make informed choices.  Too often the media presents lifestyle factors as ‘choices’ and portrays those with obesity as culpable, suggesting people should make ‘better-choices’. Many are unable to make ‘better choices’ for various reasons (cost of living, lack of awareness, lack of choice) but this is having a huge detrimental impact on the health of the nation and an escalating health and wealth divide.
Health is not something that should only be available to those who can afford it, yet we are heading that way.  Covid-19 saw the biggest rise in childhood obesity (Professor Chris Whitty) and we are already seeing the impact of 20 years of food landscape changes.
Children are not exempt from adult diseases they just didn’t used to get them.
Future health statistics are not set in stone, they do not need to come true but we need to change the trajectory.  I feel the best way to help to shape the health of the next generation is via education.  Education enables empowerment.