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To feed a child is to help shape their future


Nutritional Therapist, experienced author and writer, event speaker and campaigner


Nutritional Therapist Diploma, Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor, Fundamentals of Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Lifestyle Medicine, Advanced Stress Management Advisor, Advanced Sleep Management Advisor, Advanced Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor, Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, Advanced Research Techniques, Personal Trainer Diploma L3, Certificate in Exercise Referral (GP referral qualification), Food Allergies and Intolerances, Food Colourings Part 1 – Treat or Threat?, Food Colourings Part 2 – Harmful to Children?, Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain, Science of Happiness, Autism Awareness, Nutrition and Mental Health, Veganism & Nutrient deficiencies


Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award 2019- How Food Shapes Your Child- Parenting category Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday – 2019- The Health Kick Jacqueline Gold WOW Award 2020


I’m Louise, a dedicated writer and advocate for health and nutrition. Here’s a glimpse into my journey: Writing & Media:

I’ve penned articles and a book on health and nutrition, shedding light on essential topics. You can also catch me hosting ‘Food For Thought,’ a radio show on Teacher Hug Radio, where I explore the fascinating world of nutrition.

Early Years Nutrition Consultant: My passion led me to become an Early Years Nutrition Consultant, where I focus on menu development and provide valuable nutritional education. My goal is to empower professionals in the early years sector with the knowledge they need to make a real impact to shape the health of a generation.

Sharing the message – via my Podcast, Radio show (Food for Thought) on Teacher Hug Radio, membership of an All Party Parliamentary Group and regular media appearances I aim to spread the message linking health and life outcomes to formative nutrition.

Online Education: Recently, I launched these CPD accredited online courses around the theme of my book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’ These courses are designed for early years professionals and educators, aiming to equip them with the expertise needed to foster healthier generations.

Social Enterprise: I co-founded The Good Food Academy, a Social Enterprise on a mission to challenge the alarming predictions about life expectancy for today’s children. Together, we’re working to create a healthier future.

Fitness & Nutrition Expertise: With a background as an experienced Personal Trainer, I understand the crucial role of physical activity in maintaining good health. While I previously worked with adults in 1:1 Nutrition Coaching, my focus shifted to early years nutrition in 2018.

Advocacy and Education: Inspired by my young son and fuelled by my research for my first book, ‘How Food Shapes Your Child,’ I’m passionate about educating and advocating for the direct link between food and health in early childhood. I firmly believe that by addressing this connection early on, we can prevent many of the health issues adults face in their later years.  This is apparant through my membership of an All Party Parliamentary Group -Fit and Healthy Childhood and the access to many research papers and a glimpse into the future predictions.