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Dr Kathryn

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Early Years Consultant, Author and Researcher and founder of Nurturing Childhoods

My CPD Goals

Developing all children's potential through the knowledge and understanding of the adults in their life.


20 years working with children, families, settings and governing bodies.




Founder of Nurturing Childhoods; offering families the knowledge and understanding needed to nurture their growing child. Published author working with governments, universities and organisations here and abroad.


Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, researcher and author, and founder of Nurturing Childhoods, an online source of knowledge and support for parents.  Having worked with children for many years, Kathryn developed a particular interest in their behaviours and the impact the actions of well-meaning adults can have on them. 

With a specific interest in children’s need to access rich and meaningful experiences throughout their early years, her PhD looked at the effect of pedagogy on children’s innate desires to learn and the effect this has on their engagement, using it to develop a suite of materials for teachers in the primary age phase. 

Delivering training, seminars and short courses to families, settings and schools, both in person and online, she works to identify and celebrate the impact of effective childhood experiences as preparation for all of life’s learning.  An active campaigner for children, Kathryn consults on projects, conducts research for government bodies and contributes to papers launched in parliament. 

A highly acclaimed author and researcher, she has published many times, guiding practitioners, teachers and parents to enhance children’s experiences through her consultancy and conferencing, both here and abroad.  Kathryn also teaches a Master’s Degree at the Centre for Research in Early Years.