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Positive Young Minds and SEND Support




🌈SENCO trainer and SEND CPD, Pupil and staff wellbeing and SEMH, AKA The Sweary SENCO!


🌈I've worked in 9 schools over 23 years and had some great and terrible experiences! I have been freelance for a year and started my companies Positive Young Mind and SEND support. However, I missed being a SENCO and am now working 1 day a week in a tiny school of 60 children. 🌈I have been an Assistant Head, Lead Mentor for ITT and SENCO. and have an MA in Wellbeing and SEND. 🌈 I am the editor of Teacher Toolkit. 🌈I train new SENCOs with SEND Station (over 300 so far).




🌈I started my award winning blog in 2020 over lockdown (on a whim!). It has proved popular! 🌈I love to write and have a children's book published (Your Rainbow) and my first non-fiction book called about being a primary SENCO is coming soon with Bloomsbury.


Hello I’m Lynn How. Here’s some further information about me.

🌈I have 2 children (12 and 8) and 2 cats. One of my children has additional needs.

🌈I’d describe myself as an introverted extrovert. I’m am a bit quirky (occupational hazard), I can be the life and soul of the party or sometimes I like to hide under a rock.

🌈I love my work and I always love to receive any feedback – what’s going well and what areas to work on so feel free to reach out and tell me straight.

🌈If you are having a tough time, please contact me as well. I’m always happy to jump on a zoom if you need any support with school stuff or wellbeing stuff.

🌈For school stuff, within my consultancy business, the first 1/2 hour ish is always free and for wellbeing stuff, support is always free however long it takes!

🌈 In my spare time I like to rock climb, go hiking, read, drink gin and binge watch Netflix!

🌈 I also love to write!