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Pyjama Drama




Drama-based courses, resources and curricula for early years and primary school settings


Pyjama Drama Learning has been created by two ex-teachers, Sarah Owen and her sister, Rachel McKenna. Sarah is an ex-drama and English teacher whose unique drama programme (Pyjama Drama) has been enjoyed by thousands of children across the UK since 2005, and more recently in California, Malaysia and Australia. Sarah has trained well over a hundred teachers (many of whom had no prior drama experience) in how to use her unique approach to drama-based learning. Rachel is an ex-art teacher, with a Masters Degree in Teaching and a passion for the importance of visual learning. Until joining the company, Rachel had no experience of using drama in the classroom and would openly admit to feeling nervous about doing so. As a result, all of our courses, activities, resources and lesson plans have been through ‘the Rachel test’ – which means we know that if she feels confident and excited about delivering them, you will too!


Sarah Owen: Drama BA (Hons), PGCE in Drama and English. Rachel McKenna: Interactive Arts BA (Hons), PGCE in Art and Design, MA in Teaching.