Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Creating a better future for education to thrive

The story (so far)

Co-founder and early years advisor Graham wanted to provide high quality online professional development to the thousands of early years practitioners he had been supporting over the last 6 years. He wanted to ensure that he was meeting the DFE requirements for professional development but he couldn’t find an all in one solution that allowed him to provide virtual training, filled with engaging content that was still 100% flexible while still allowing for collaboration between delegates and trainers.

After discussions with other consultants and local authorities it was clear they were using a mixture of outdated, impractical and time consuming methods not designed for the education sector. We identified the need for a more advanced online platform to empower consultants for the modern needs of schools and teachers. In 2020 MyCPDGroup was founded with the belief that giving more practitioners better access to expert consultants will be a driving force for improvement in education.

The aim

We were disappointed by what was being ‘certified’ and branded as high quality CPD. We were passionate about change and we felt a need for transparency. At MyCPDGroup we work  closely with committed and passionate consultants and support them with the tools they need to create great courses, engaging content and form collaboration networks to support their delegates. We believe that with these tools consultants can reach a much wider and broader audience and delegates will immediately realise and value the expertise they receive.

We believe that high quality CPD starts with committed and passionate consultants but we don’t think it should end when the video stops. At MyCPDGroup we believe ‘The course is just the start!’

The platform

The MyCPDGroup platform is a socially powered system, that provides the most advanced learning management system of its kind. The unique Virtual Collaboration System embedded in the platfrom gives learners an outstanding space to learn, collaborate and develop.

Despite it’s hidden complexities the platfrom has been designed with simplicity in mind for both course creators and users. It allows consultants to create engaging courses quicker and easier than ever before and connect them to educators across the world seamlessly. 

For schools and educators MyCPDGroup offers a central hub to access a rapidly growing wealth of high quality content.

The future

We have been overwhelmed by the support for the platform and our approach to standards. Even as a start-up MyCPDGroup launched supporting more than 40 of the very best consultants and businesses and we are passionate about supporting many, many more for years to come.

Due to the incredible innovation of the education community, the original vision of being an online CPD space has rapidly expanded to so much more. MyCPDGroup looks to now become a home for creative contributors across the sector. We have already seen advances in the way schemes of work and workshops are delivered and supported. We can’t wait to see where this innovation takes us next.