5 Reasons Why Music Is Great for Children’s Development

5 Reasons Why Music Is Great for Children’s Development

Children’s development and the connection with music is a subject that has fascinated psychologists and scientists for many years now. With more and more research showing the undoubtedly positive connections between music and a child’s development being published the research is hard to ignore! 

So let’s take a look at FIVE reasons why music is great for children’s development:

1. Cognitive Development and Motor Skills

Having children participate in musical activities including clapping, tapping and dancing can have a huge impact on the fine-tuning of their overall motor skills! This rhythmic repetition allows children to build upon their overall coordination skills. 

2. Music builds relationships

Music brings people together. Therefore when children regularly participate in group musical activities they are building on their own peer relationships in a positive environment. Music is a universal language that can be introduced using sounds, emotions, expressions and rhythms rather than relying solely on words. With children, this helps break down barriers in language and build positive connections with their peers. 

3. Math Wizards!

Research shows that children who have regular music lessons generally possess higher level mathematic and literacy skills. In some ways music IS maths. Both music and mathematics are a sequence of patterns and structures, allowing children to transfer these skills between the two subjects easily boosting their numeric confidence!

4. Literacy Queens!

By introducing music in the early years of a child’s development you will help improve their overall phonic recognition. Children will start to associate sounds with symbols, creating links to word recognition improving the overall skills necessary for reading. 

5. It Makes you Happy!

Music can be something that gives you great joy! And for children listening to music can have the exact same result, improving their overall self-esteem and general mood. But why does listening to music make us so happy? The answer is in science. When we listen to music, our brains release a powerful chemical called Dopamine. This chemical is also known as the ‘Happy Hormone’ as it improves overall mood and reduces anxiety and boosts motivation – something that children definitely need on a regular basis!

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