­čî│Interventions and Provision To Support SEMH and Anxiety

­čôó Join me for an insightful webinar on Social, Emotional, and Mental Health interventions and provision for all adults working in school.

Are you looking to create a supportive and nurturing environment for your students? ­čîč

We will delve into:

  • Strategies for promoting positive mental health ­čĺí
  • Techniques for enhancing emotional intelligence ­čžá
  • Practical tips for fostering resilience and well-being ­čĺ¬
  • Take away resources ­čîč

Strategies discussed include:

  • Emotive vocabulary to support children when talking about feelings.┬á
  • The importance of interweaving SEMH/PHSE into every lesson (+ Intervention)
  • Dyslexic friendly classroom (relieving literacy anxiety).
  • Use of learning mentors.

There is an effective SEMH intervention to take away (one of my favourites) as well as practical strategies for classrooms and whole school approaches. All these approaches are able to be facilitated without further training or purchases!

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to equip yourself with the tools to support your students’ holistic development! ­čÜÇ


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