6 Steps to Reduce Parental Rage – Free Download


6 Steps to Reduce Parental Rage – Free e-guide

In 2018, things took an unexpected turn when Sofia fell out of her cot, and I moved her to a bed before we both ready. My sleep filled nights were suddenly replaced with bedtime battles, multiple wake ups and tantrums which resulted in me going back to having 2 hours broken sleep a night. This was a shock to the system as I had a toddler who refused to nap, stay in her bed, fall asleep, stay asleep and started the day at 5am. Needless to say we were all broken.

I am sure you can understand what followed, and I suddenly found myself struggling to cope with her big emotions and tantrums, and I found myself turning into the shouty mum who would flip at next to nothing.

Eventually, I found myself feeling scared by the person in my reflection, and started to worry about what I could be capable of in those enraged moments, so I contacted my GP. I didn’t know what they could do, but I knew I needed to do something. What I do know is that if the smacking ban was in place back then, I am not sure I would have gone to my doctor through fear of them thinking I was failing, unsafe to be around, and would bring social services in to take my baby. This is why right now, with the lack of support and education available from the government, I fear what criminalising parents who may be struggling could lead to. We do not have the foundations in place to support parents in order to make such a big move.

This is why 6 years later, I am still here helping you through those big emotions and feelings and telling you that you are not alone, and that there is help. I know that fear of judgement stops people asking for help, but there is no judgement from me. I hit rock bottom, stayed there for a while, and crawled my way back up.

It hasn’t been an easy path, but I want you to know that things can get better, and I am proof of this. I would love to reach you before you reach the dark depths I did, as I know that it is an easier journey when you are further ahead at the beginning, but whatever stage you are at, I can help.

This free e-guide will help give you strategies to calm yourself in difficult circumstances and explain why you may be triggered. Get your free download here.

I hope it helps.

Nicole x


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