Active Learning Starter – online parent support programme on Experiential Holistic Learning at Home

Active Learning Starter – online parent support programme on Experiential Holistic Learning at Home

This hands-on online training programme for parents will help you support your children’s Experiential Cross-Curricular Learning and Balanced Development at Home. All with minimum time commitment for you, and with maximum educational impact and engagement for your children!

About the Programme

  • Weekly 5-minute-long reading lessons – each with high quality visuals illustrating examples of best practice, and tools & strategies to facilitate your children’s holistic learning and balanced development at home!

  • Each lesson contains reflective activities, discussions and hands-on tasks for you to try out and implement at your home right away!

  • Your time commitment will be no more than 10-15 minutes per lesson. However, your children will receive high quality learning that will keep them busy for hours or even days!

  • All activities and strategies in this programme will help you support your children’s Personalised and Full-Potential Learning at home – whether after school or during out-of-school time!

Programme Main Features

  • Duration: 9 weeks: 1x lesson per week (PLUS 1x Bonus Lesson!)

  • Time commitment for parents: 10-15 mins per lesson

  • Learning and engagement time for children: ongoing (depending on individual children’s learning needs and preferences)

  • Age range: Early Years and Primary Education (up to 10 years old)

  • Certificate of Completion: upon completing the programme in full

Watch the short video below to find out more about ACTIVE LEARNING STARTER:


‘This is amazing! You removed the element of doubt and fear from my home and my life. You are helping me believe in our life style again but at a much deeper level. I’ve been looking for years for this!! I am beyond confidence in understanding natural learning now and gaining confidence in my own abilities to help enhance this for my child now!’

Suzie Coroneos, Australia

‘Your program was so wonderful! I am so excited for the families whose lives will be changed by your guidance in their children’s education! I can not say enough good things!’

Lindsay Zingg, USA

‘This is just liberating!’

Colin Clapp, New Zealand

About the Authors

ACTIVE LEARNING STARTER has been created by Founders of Natural Born Leaders – experienced Teacher Trainers, Learning Experiences Design, NVQ Assessors in Children’s Care Learning & Development (CCLD) and School PlayWork, and life-long home schooling parents (for over 15 years now!).

They’ve helped hundreds of parents and other educators develop their skills. So rest assured that you will be guided in a very similar way too, and as a result you will finish this 9-week programme with new knowledge and understanding, future-oriented skills, and strong evidence of your personal growth.


For a FREE Access to Module One of this programme, sign up for our free short course ‘Experiential Learning at Home’. You can also find it on My CPD Group, here’s a direct link:


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  • 14 Modules
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