Baby2Sleep – Sleep Support for Babies Between 6 and 20 Months Old


What does the term ‘Sleep Training’ mean to me?

Training = Teaching and Learning

Teaching a parent about normal sleep, so they can use what they have learnt to support their baby or child to sleep well.’

Helping babies between 6 and 20 months old to sleep well.

You have now passed the 6 months mark and are wondering when sleep will start to improve. You have been told that your baby should be sleeping through the night, that they no longer need feeds, and that the only way to get sleep is to leave them to cry it out.

I am here to tell you that every baby is different, you can still meet your baby’s needs in the night and improve sleep, you do not have to stop breastfeeding, and you most certainly do not have to leave your baby to cry alone.

Sometimes a few tweaks, but the right tweaks can make all the difference, but knowing what they are can be a minefield.

This is where Baby2Sleep can help.

Educating you on what is normal and helping you understand your baby and their individual needs to help improve sleep for the whole family.

*optional online support in a private Facebook group is available for just £35 a month and runs on a month by month contract

‘After purchasing, I ditched all the schedules I’d read online and stopped expecting my baby to fall into a category. I looked for what my baby needed. Happy baby = Happy mummy. I can’t recommend Nicole enough’ 


‘I can’t recommend Baby2Sleep enough. It really has made us a happier family!’



Course materials will be available once you have enrolled on this course.

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