Body Positivity For Adults Working With Young People 26th November

We know you’re seeing it 66% of young people feel negative or very negative about their body image most of the time*

You’re seeing more and more young people experiencing struggles with body image and eating problems

You hear a lot of negative self-talk but you don’t know how to challenge it  Conversations about body image make you feel uncertain and you are scared about getting things wrong You want to be able to step in and offer real support before things get worse You’re looking for strategies to create a body positive environment but have no idea where to start  


We get it  

All of the strategies in this workshop are evidence based and proven to work.

What you’ll learn

What is Body Positivity? Language and why this matters

Disordered eating and eating disorders, how to step in for prevention

Signs and symptoms Risk factors including supporting LGBTQ+ young people

Where to get help

How to create a body neutral environment

Teaching critical thinking – ways to challenge media use

Practical strategies you can use in the home OR in the workplace

You will be invited to think about your own relationship to the body including the impact of diet culture, lookism, fatphobia and the links to mental health

This course includes a resource pack filled with additional resources, recommendations and ideas to help your work

You will also receive an additional strategy video to help with implementation.​

You also gain exclusive access to the course developer, accredited counsellor Ange McMillan to help you implement any strategies. There is ongoing post-session support.

This course meets the Department of Education standards for CPD training and also meets the Welsh Government new curriculum guidance.

Created and delivered by expert Body Image researcher and host of BodyCons podcast Lottie Storey this CPD accredited course for adults working with young people is designed to help you increase the self-esteem and confidence of the young people you work with.

*‘Changing the perfect picture: an inquiry into body image’ (a report published by the Women and Equalities Committee in April 2021),


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Live Course

  • 26th Nov 2021 at 9:30am
  • 22 Spaces Available
  • £97.00


  • 5 hours 30 minutes


  • 1 Module
  • Course Certificate