Developing an Understanding of Mindset

This course is suitable for parents and school staff to be involved in. To be able to facilitate change in our children’s and pupil’s mindset, we first must reflect on our own. This is your opportunity to look at how you can be the best version of yourself first, to then have a positive influence on your children or those you work with.

Mindset has proven to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and has also be found to prevent mental illness symptoms from manifesting if developed and work on within primary aged children. Mindset is a way of thinking that controls your behaviour, outlook and attitude, so if we get mindset right, we create an environment where individuals can flourish. Get is wrong and we create an environment where anxiety and stress grow.

The course has been split into 4 lessons, each lasting between 5-15 minutes and will require you to pause, reflect and make notes at certain points throughout, so ensure you have a notepad and pen to do this. Remember, the more you involve yourself in the activities, the more you will get from the lessons and the bigger the impact it will have on you, your life and those around you.

Lesson 1: In the first lesson, Liz talks through the common behaviours, thoughts and actions of both a growth and fixed mindset. Start your journey by reflecting on your own and recognising your fixed triggers.

Lesson 2: Gemma talks in this second lesson revealing how the ‘Circle of Control and Influence’ can have a huge impact on our mindset. Continue your development by identifying where you spend your energy and time and what changes can be made to make this more proactive for you.

Lesson 3: Liz unpicks mindsets even more looking at the ‘Learning Blocks.’ How we respond to these depends upon the progress we make, but identifying where we react with more of a fixed mindset attitude and focus allows us to make positive change.

Lesson 4: In the final lesson, Gemma reveals how our brain functions in terms of our thought process. Looking at how through time our focus leans towards our negative bias. Understanding how our brain functions can be a game changer in mindset development.

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