How Food Shapes Your Child – what you need to know about early years nutrition

How Food Shapes Your Child

Take Action Now for Your Child’s Health – A Lifesaving Course!

Did you know? We’re on the verge of witnessing a grim milestone – the first generation of children expected to have shorter lifespans than their parents. Current trends in obesity, nutrition, and lifestyle pose a looming threat to our children’s well-being. But there’s hope, and it starts with you!

This course isn’t just informative; it’s a lifeline. Here’s what you’ll tackle:

The Harsh RealityConfront the alarming truth about the potential for shorter lifespans due to current health trends.

Your Vital RoleUnderstand the pivotal role you play in safeguarding your child’s future.

Nutrition for Lifelong WellnessLearn the secrets to providing your child with the nutrition they need for a long and healthy life.

Lifestyle ChangesDiscover practical steps to break free from damaging lifestyle patterns and create a healthier environment.

Fighting Childhood ObesityEquip yourself with the tools to combat the growing epidemic of childhood obesity.

Creating a Brighter TomorrowBe the hero your children need and set them on a path to a brighter, healthier future.

The clock is ticking, but it’s not too late! Join us in this life-changing course and be a part of the solution. Don’t let children become statistics – empower them with the knowledge and habits they need to thrive.

Enrol today and make a difference that will last a lifetime!

By enrolling in this course, you’ll gain a competitive edge that sets you apart:

Course Highlights:

Save Time and Stand OutDifferentiate yourself from competitors by mastering the profound influence of food.

Navigate the Nutrition MazeSay goodbye to the confusion of policy-related nutrition advice and the overwhelming online information. Everything you need is right here.

Budget WiselyLearn how to optimize your food budget while ensuring you meet essential nutritional requirements.

Learning Outcomes:

Over 20 Hours of CPDDive into the world of early childhood nutrition and development.

Building a BrainExplore how food shapes your child’s brain development.

Building a SkeletonUnderstand the crucial role of nutrition in a child’s skeletal health.

Shaping Food RelationshipsUncover the impact of food on a child’s lifelong relationship with eating.

Practical ApplicationMove beyond theory with 12 actionable lessons, including exclusion diets, nutrient calculations, essential fatty acids, and more.

Engage Your AudienceUse these resources not only for personal growth but also to educate your staff, connect with parents, or enhance your marketing message.

Recipe InspirationFuel your culinary creativity with breakfast and lunch ideas and recipes that promote healthy eating habits from the start.

Your investment today in this comprehensive course is an investment in the future – one where children thrive in good health and parents and caregivers make informed choices.

Enrol now and be part of this transformative journey!


How it works

  1. Log in whenever you can to the course and in your own time gradually build your knowledge base and download your materials
  2. Use your materials in your setting
  3. Share animations with the children in your setting to build in a nutritional education journey for all

Who is it for?

Anyone working with children in the 0-5 window primarily as we discuss this ‘early window of opportunity’ for laying down nutritional foundations, suggested profession list below but many more would benefit from an enhanced understanding of this food and early development connection.

·         Nursery Owners

·         Nursery Managers

·         Nursery Chefs

·         Childminders

·         Teachers

·         Catering providers

Many aspects will be relevant for older children too as the development window for brain and peak bone mass takes us up to late teens/early 20’s.

What impact will it have?

Remember this statement?

·         4 Modules

·         35 Lessons

·         Podcast interviews with expert guests

·         Animations to share with staff, children and parents

·         Documents to use in your setting

·         Certificate

How long will it take to complete?

That is entirely up to you. There is so lower or upper time limit, please work at your own pace.

Do I have lifetime access to the course?

Yes, once it’s yours it’s yours for life!

What support is there?

On purchasing the course, you will join the How Food Shapes Your Child support community where you can ask questions, share information and get up to date information as things change in the world of nutrition.

There is so much in this course bundle, the information downloads alone will save you hours of trying to interpret nutritional advice and guidance. The courses will give you and your staff detailed knowledge of the links between nutrition and early childhood development


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