‘How to Become an Expert in Early Years Imaginative Play’: PRE-RECORDED TRAINING

Learn how easy it is to adopt a more playful approach to your practice and improve the quality of learning through play in your setting.

‘How to Become an Expert in Early Years Imaginative Play’ is an online course for early years practitioners who recognise the power of drama and imaginative play and are looking for easy ways to integrate drama into their practice. With clear, focused lessons and easy-to-follow resources, anyone, no matter what their experience of drama, can quickly learn how to lead powerful drama activities and provide opportunities for children to develop their life skills.

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Lifetime access includes:

  • Online training (44 short lessons)
  • PDF training booklet
  • 14 Pyjama Drama games
  • 16 challenges: try out what you learn as you go along, at home or in your setting
  • Pyjama Drama music
  • Accreditation (optional)
  • Ongoing support

You will learn:

Six powerful techniques that will ignite children’s imaginations and enable you to:

  • Lead small or large groups of children in imaginative play
  • Lead small or large groups of children in music and movement activities
  • Manage your classroom with positivity and fun

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Who’s this course for?

Anyone working with children in their early years.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

This depends on you; some people decide to take the course in less than a month, and others take much longer to complete it, but as an example, if you took the course over 16 weeks, you would:

  • Spend a maximum of 10 minutes watching pre-recorded lessons each week
  • Plan and complete one challenge each week (approximately 30 minutes in total)

What skills will my children develop when I use Pyjama Drama techniques?

Everything we do at Pyjama Drama develops children’s life skills, e.g., problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal skills, self-awareness, empathy, coping with stress, and dealing with emotions.

Do I have to be good at drama to use Pyjama Drama techniques?

We pride ourselves on creating training and resources that anyone can deliver, from the most theatrical among us to those more reserved. And remember, if you can pull a funny face and make a child laugh or put on different voices when reading a story, you are already good at drama!

What ongoing support do I receive?

When you purchase this course, you will automatically join our online support group, where you can ask questions, seek advice, and offer support to other practitioners using our techniques and delivering our games.

Will taking this course help me deliver the curriculum?

Yes! Complete our challenges, play our games, and provide unique opportunities to support the delivery of EYFS (England), Curriculum for Wales, and Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland). Within the course, you can download documents that outline exactly how the course supports each individual curriculum.

How do I gain Bronze Accreditation?

Becoming a Bronze-accredited Pyjama Drama Play Expert is easy; simply hand in two simple assignments after completing the first four modules of the course: one, a video of yourself delivering a Pyjama Drama activity using our techniques, and two, a simple evaluation. One of our play experts will review your assignments and provide detailed feedback.

If you don’t pass the first time, we will do our very best to support you and make sure you pass the next time. Once you do pass, we will send you a digital media pack so you can share your good news on social media, etc.

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What other training and resources are available?

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