Impactful Leadership

Impactful Leadership is a proactive, individualised programme of coaching support that helps leaders to lessen the load without lessening impact. School leadership teams are supported through bespoke programmes of 1:1 and group coaching, covering the following three pillars:


The programme allows leaders to develop their confidence, self-awareness and resilience through structured opportunity for reflection. They will create a clear leadership vision and act in alignment with their deepening understanding of their leadership strengths, style and values.


Leaders are supported to create and clearly communicate healthy boundaries to empower themselves and others. Coaching allows them to consider their choices and develop skills to strengthen collaboration, motivation and trust in their teams.


Through coaching, leaders proactively seek solutions to challenges. They trust themselves to act swiftly and stand back to reflect as the situation demands. They make confident choices and create action plans to prioritise workload with impact at the forefront.

A little about Emma Cann…

I’m Emma. I worked as a primary teacher and middle leader for almost a decade. I loved teaching, but I often felt overloaded and unbalanced – which led to me feeling frustrated that I couldn’t have the impact I wanted to have. I am now passionate about providing the support that would have allowed me to manage these challenges confidently and calmly. Through bespoke coaching, I empower school leaders to focus their time and energy to create sustainable impact.

The belief behind all that I do is that calm, confident and empowered leaders will be in a much better place to inspire, motivate and support their teams and pupils.

To discuss how I can support Impactful Leadership in your school leadership team, please contact me directly through the MyCPD Platform.

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