An introduction to: Childhood trauma and a whole school approach to mental health


Every primary school is now expected to meet the guidelines laid out in the government’s Green Paper – Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision. They state…“A whole school approach, with commitment from senior leadership and supported by external expertise, is essential to the success of schools in tackling mental health”.

Our Therapeutic Teaching Course – is that whole school approach and this free module is the first module from our 6-part course. It will introduce you to the therapeutic approach and is full of vital information about the impact of adverse experiences on children’s mental health. So vital, that we wanted everyone to have access to this module for free.

After this FREE module you will:

  • Understand what childhood trauma is and how it impacts children/ young people
  • Learn the key parts of the emotional brain, fight, flight freeze and our survival responses
  • Learn how long-term trauma can impact the developing emotional brain and responses and how this is presented at school
  • Understand triggers and their impact on children’s lives when dealing with trauma
  • Learn how some strategies might trigger children’s survival responses and result in crisis/ difficult behaviour
  • Learn how you can help make a difference through  therapeutic response skills
  • Learn strategies for reducing stress and at school and tips to make your environment more therapeutic

What Is Included In This Course?

  • The 1 hour 40 min course
  • Downloadable pdf support documents

After this course, you will have an understanding of why children are struggling with their behaviour at school and how that might be impacting their mental health. You will also leave feeling full of ideas and strategies to begin to use.

If you are inspired by our therapeutic teaching approach and want to learn more, and if you are excited to embed this approach at your school then book your whole school on to the full therapeutic teaching course right now!

Feel confident to embed a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing with all of the knowledge, strategies, tools and resources you need to get started in one place!

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Where can I find more support?

  • Listen to our Therapeutic Teaching Podcast HERE
  • Read Shahana Knight’s regular Therapeutic School Articles in the Magazine ‘Head Teachers Update’ HERE

How does this course meet the standards?

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