Menopause in Schools With Guest Specialist Helen Clare


In this resource, there is a 55 minute webinar on supporting you with menopause and perimenopause in the classroom. Including top tips, how to navigate the situation, what you can reasonably ask for, ideas for self reflection and school menopause policy and more!

This includes a variety of links to signpost you to further help and information and workbook to help you with symptoms and reflection. There is ample information on what your school can and should do to support you as well.

This webinar is led by menopause in school’s specialist Helen Clare. Her website is:

About Helen:

If you’ve ever wondered why dedicated and talented teacher can suddenly start to struggle, or how a teacher’s sick absence can creep up without explanation, or why there are so few female teachers over 55, you might want to start thinking about menopause.

As many as 3 in every 20 teachers in the UK are likely to be struggling with menopause or perimenopause to such an extent that it affects their work.

There are all sorts of practical steps you can take to support them, but you can’t take them if you haven’t created a culture where people can talk about menopause in an open, clear and confident way. Because if you haven’t, they aren’t going to tell you what the problem is. In fact, they may not realise that’s what the problem is!

I work with all staff to raise awareness and understanding. I help teachers in peri/menopause find coping strategies and I help schools create or update and communicate their menopause policies and strategies.



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