Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner

Become a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner and develop the full potential of all children

Every day sees you making a huge difference to the children in your care. You are moulding young minds, developing bodies and shaping personalities.  Nurturing children in ways that are more complex and longer lasting than can possibly be reflected in a set of learning goals or inspection criteria.  And in ways that qualifications and curriculum guidelines don’t seem to cover.

  • Do you find that your qualifications barely scratch the surface of everything you do on a day-to-day basis? 
  • Do you find yourself managing far more than you feel you are given credit for? 
  • Do you feel that there are more important things going on than perhaps those you are measured against? 
  • And are there still many unanswered questions or things you wish you knew?

Working with young children is the most amazing profession, but it is a highly complex business. With the decisions we make impacting young lives in every way.

Nurturing practice needs recognising and celebrating

As a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner you will gain the knowledge, understanding and support you need to not just care for children, but to nurture children in their early years. You will look at what it means to a child to feel secure, with understood emotions and behaviours. You will reflect on the importance of well-being, happiness and making friends. As well as how your routines, environment and actions are experienced by a child.

Through reflective practice and targeted actions you will create the environments you need. You will learn the importance of the little things you do. And you will learn how to communicate all of this to your families.

You will also join a growing community of early years practitioners, childminders, teachers and carers who are looking to refocus early years practice back where our children need it to be.  As we nurture the full potential of every unique child.

How do I get started?

Once you have had a look at how it all works, the range of content available and have found answers to any questions you may have in the Important Information section below, you can try the first module for free!

Then to access Module 2 and beyond, simply enrol on the full course and get ready to become a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner.


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