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Become a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner and develop the full potential of all children

Every day sees you making a huge difference to the children in your care. You are moulding young minds, developing bodies and shaping personalities.  Nurturing children in ways that are more complex and longer lasting than can possibly be reflected in a set of learning goals or inspection criteria.  And in ways that qualifications and curriculum guidelines don’t seem to cover.

  • Do you find that your qualifications barely scratch the surface of everything you do on a day-to-day basis? 
  • Do you find yourself managing far more than you feel you are given credit for? 
  • Do you feel that there are more important things going on than perhaps those you are measured against? 
  • And are there still many unanswered questions or things you wish you knew?

Working with young children is the most amazing profession, but it is a highly complex business. With the decisions we make impacting young lives in every way.

Nurturing practice needs recognising and celebrating

As a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner you will gain the knowledge, understanding and support you need to not just care for children, but to nurture children in their early years. You will look at what it means to a child to feel secure, with understood emotions and behaviours. You will reflect on the importance of well-being, happiness and making friends. As well as how your routines, environment and actions are experienced by a child.

Through reflective practice and targeted actions you will create the environments you need. You will learn the importance of the little things you do. And you will learn how to communicate all of this to your families.

You will also join a growing community of early years practitioners, childminders, teachers and carers who are looking to refocus early years practice back where our children need it to be.  As we nurture the full potential of every unique child.

Through 12-months of blended online sessions and structured support we will explore key areas of early childhood development and care.  You will reflect on your practice, celebrating the nurturing care you are already offering, while considering the changes you can make to offer a lifetime of difference to your children.

  • CConsider – Every month you will receive a set of prompts to help you consider your current practice, to think about the things you are doing and your reasons for doing them.
  • AAccess – You will then be invited to a live online session where we will explore the knowledge and understanding that underpins effective practice across a range of key areas.
  • RReflect – With access to the recorded session, you will then receive a set of prompts to guide you as you reflect on your practice and consider the changes you want to make.
  • EEngage – Within a growing community you can exchange ideas, celebrate your achievements and gain all the support you need.

As you nurture your own development as a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner

Nurturing Childhoods is all about developing the full potential of every child.  And as a Nurturing Childhood Practitioner you will gain all the knowledge, understanding and support you need to see children through a different lens.

Mirroring the hugely successful parenting courses available at, we will explore key aspects of your practice, along with what it means to nurture The Secure Child, The Happy Child and The Learning Child.

  • Learn the importance of the little things you automatically do
  • And the changes that will make all the difference to your children’s outcomes.
  • Mindful of the experiences a child has had
  • The realities they are living in
  • As well as the unique views and abilities they can offer.

As you learn how to communicate all of this to your families and visitors

Creating reflective practice

We will look at the deep-rooted importance of play and the long-term impact it has on a child’s entire body.  You will understand why early communication is so important and the impact you have on children’s minds and developing skills.  Along with the impact of key practices, such as physical activity, mealtimes and rest on every aspect of a child’s development, self-esteem and well-being.

Creating the Secure Child

We will look at children’s emotions, how they are developing and the purpose they serve.  We will look at how emotional intelligence develops as you help children to think and feel without negative consequences, as they learn to manage their own emotions.  Before looking at how this influences a child’s behaviour and what you can do to support this process.

Creating the Happy Child

We will explore well-being as we consider how a child’s confidence establishes.  We will look at how the opportunities, engagements and interactions we offer children can help them to develop a sense of personal power, self-esteem and resilience.  Supporting children as they develop the social skills they need and the impact this will have on the person they become.

Creating the Learning Child

And we will look at the difference between learning and education and the impact this difference has on children’s engagement.  Now and into the future. We will explore the foundations of literacy and numeracy and how these are rooted in the experiences you offer through the intrinsic benefits of play.  And the impact this has on children’s abilities when learning becomes more complex in the years to come.  Refocusing attention on what learning in the early years should be all about.

How long is each session?

The live session lasts one hour each month.  Watch live and participate or re-watch the recording.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The course is twelve months, allowing you lots of time to reflect on your practice and develop the changes you want to introduce. You can start at any time, attending the 12 sessions following your chosen enrolment date.

What happens if I move jobs in this time?

The accreditation belongs to you, so provided you are still able to reflect on your work with children, the change of job does not matter.

Do I receive a certificate?

Yes, just complete the course and your certificate of completion will automatically become available to download.

How do I become a Nurturing Childhood Practitioner?

Along with the online training session every month you will receive a range of materials to help you reflect on your practice.  At the end of the course, upload four of your reflective accounts for evaluation to receive your Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner Accreditation.

  • Developing Reflective Practice
  • Nurturing Secure Children
  • Nurturing Happy Children
  • Nurturing Learning Children

What if I don’t want to become accredited?

There is no obligation to become an accredited Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner.  You will still have access to the online community and will still receive your certificate of completion.

Will I be supported along the way?

Yes.  Every month you can join me and the growing Nurturing Childhoods community for a live interactive session.  Simply by enrolling you will automatically become a member of this community of support where you can share ideas, ask questions and exchange the stories that make working with children a job like no other!  And join fellow Nurturing Childhood Practitioners, teachers, childminders and parents in the chat rooms and community boards.

Do I need to be qualified to sign up?

No.  The Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner Accreditation is written to complement your professional studies and is suited to anyone working with young children. Whether you are an apprentice or ready to consider your masters dissertation.

Who should take this course?

Everyone!  That said, you might like to get started with your room leaders, all your new starters or do it a room at a time.  You might be a childminder looking to develop your practice. Or work together as a childminding hub. And with a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner on staff, you can gain a huge discount on the Nurturing Childhoods Setting Accreditation and spread nurturing practice throughout your setting.

What do I get out of being a Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner?

In a nutshell… exactly what you put into it.  But if you want to take your knowledge and understanding further, if you want to celebrate the work you do every day that has real importance and if you want to be surrounded by a community that recognises every child’s full potential, you will get everything you need.

  • You will gain knowledge and understanding across a range of issues impacting children’s growth and development
  • You will be supported to collaborate as you challenge and develop your ideas
  • You will celebrate all the great work you do, not just learning goals or inspection requirements
  • You will have opportunity to write well-considered action plans
  • And directly impact the experiences and outcomes of your children.

After 12 interactive training sessions, spread over the course of a year you will have gained knowledge and understanding across a range of issues impacting children’s growth and development. And you will have been supported to collaborate as you challenge and develop your ideas.

You will have been given opportunity to write well-considered action plans that, when developed over time, will lead to direct impact on children’s experiences. Underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, these sessions will give you the confidence to share this knowledge and understanding with your families and demonstrate your progress to any external visitor.

How does this course support my work and studies?

This course will support you to develop your environments, your routines and practices. It will give you the knowledge you need to support academic studies and will help you structure reflective journals and practice improvement plans. You can even progress to Masters level studies!

Rooted in best practice, rather than any specific curriculum, the understanding you develop here will be transferable between settings, curricula, even countries as we support all children to reach their full potential.

In addition, as with all my courses, this accreditation meets the Department for Education’s Professional Development Standards, the department responsible for education in England. To find out how this, along with many of the other features of a MYCPD course makes a real difference, please watch the video below.

How do I get started?

Simply enrol on the course and get ready to attend your first session.

Getting to know Dr Kathryn Peckham

Get to know how 20 years working with children have culminated in a desire to nurture the childhoods of all our children.

Further CPD Training

For more details on all the courses and programmes offered by Nurturing Childhoods, for you, your parents and your school, visit Nurturing Childhoods where together we can develop every child’s full potential.


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