Oracy Matters

All you need to get you started on your journey to brilliant learning using the oracy pedagogy as a foundation for everything you teach.

A modular course giving you a mix of theory, National Curriculum links and easy-to-use practical ideas.

Planning and using dialogic teaching (oracy) in every area of learning might seem daunting. This course shows you the basics and how to implement them in English, Maths and the wider curriculum. It also gives you an insight into assessment and progression.

Teaching through oracy has been shown to impact children’s deeper understanding of subject content and concepts, build confidence and social skills, improve learning quality and retention. The impact of systematic and strategic oracy teaching cannot be underestimated. It is a key component in the mission to strive for equitable life chances and improving understanding for all.

Module 1 Introduction and overview

Module 2 Basics – Oracy for any context

Module 3 Oracy in maths

Module 4 Oracy in English

Module 5 Oracy in the wider curriculum

Module 6 Progress and assessment

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