Engaging your class and setting high standards; practical Creative Learning strategies


Autumn term is full of new beginnings, fresh starts and new experiences. 

Start as you mean to go on by engaging your class, allow them to enjoy learning again, and set high standards of inclusion and well-being through practical creative learning strategies. This webinar will give examples, tips and resources on how to allow all young minds to succeed in learning.  

Start the new school year enthused and excited to create a safe, fun and inclusive learning environment for your classes.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate from approved CPD experts, plus FREE lesson plans. The course will be available to re-watch at your convenience in case you missed anything or to revisit certain sections.

What is Creative Learning?

Creative Learning is a life long learning tool and can be embedded into any learning environment to enable individuals to explore their preferred methods of learning.

As educators we understand that every child learns in a different way, so by giving a range of methods to explore their learning, means all lessons can be inclusive, fun, safe and engaging.

The ‘learning’ is the focus and the skills (drama, dance, movement, creative arts) are the support to scaffold the learning.

Creative learning can support well-being, social skills, confidence, communication and how to engage with the world.

At Creative Minds our vision is to inspire Creative Learning through Performing Arts skills and techniques, allowing teachers to explore a range of learning styles. Our training supports schools with understanding the impact and benefits Creative Learning can have as a continuation of learning. By embedding Creative Learning strategies into every aspect of the school day children find ways to engage and learn, in a fun and safe way.

Who is the training for?

If you spend time with primary age children, thrive on developing young minds and want to learn how to embed simple, effective and fun creative learning activities into your learning, the this training is for you.

About Creative Minds

Creative Minds is co-founded and owned by drama specialist Rebecca Evers and dance specialist Elle McHugh. As parents and qualified teachers Rebecca and Elle have years of experience of working with youngsters and alongside teachers, and other educational providers to make Creative Learning a sustainable teaching tool to embed into every aspect of the school day.

Through courses, training, resources and qualifications Creative Minds break down the many misconceptions that still surround Creative Learning delivery. With a focus on learning styles, methods and stimulus Rebecca and Elle work with schools, teachers and coaches to build confidence in Creative Learning delivery and provide practical strategies and approaches for cross curricular delivery.

Further support

At Creative Minds we understand that learning doesn’t end at the end of a course.


With our whole school CPD we work directly with staff to support them to embed Creative learning to THEIR school, ensuring strategies and techniques fit directly with their staff and children.

To find out more information visit www.creativemindseducate.co.uk or email us directly on info@creativemidnseducate.co.uk


For simple, effective ways to save time on planning and provide you with fresh, relevant ideas for each key stage, our resource full of schemes of work, stimulus and lesson plans takes away the stress of planning.

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On demand training-

Join our FREE ‘Why Creative Learning’ to find out how and why Creative Learning is an important teaching tool for your children. To take the course click here-


Gain a further understanding of Creative Learning and how to embed it into every aspect of the school day with our BRAND NEW on demand training ‘How to embed Creative Learning into your educational setting’. Receive resources, activity ideas and a certificate on completion.

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Course materials will be available once you have enrolled on this course.

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