Creative Learning explained!


Creative Learning explained!

At Creative Minds our vision is to inspire Creative Learning through drama & creative movement skills and techniques.

Through our online Training Centre we offer on-demand courses, live training events and resources to develop and support personal and professional development.  

We aim to break down the many misconceptions that still surround Creative Learning delivery, and focus on learning styles, methods and stimulus to build confidence in Creative Learning delivery. Within all our training and courses we provide practical strategies and approaches for cross curricular delivery.

Who is this training for?

If you spend time with primary age children, thrive on developing young minds and want to learn how to embed simple, effective and fun creative learning activities into your learning, the this training is for you.

What will I learn?

  • What is Creative Learning
  • Explore the benefits Creative Learning has on ALL children.
  • Discover how Creative Learning strategies can be easily embedded into your school
  • How Creative Learning is aligned to well-being
  • Explore tried and tested strategies to use in your own practise
  • Explore access to resources and lesson plans

Do I need to have experience in Drama or Dance?

No! Within our training we break down the misconceptions of what Drama and Dance are and how they can be delivered and embedded into your school curriculum.

We focus on demonstrating the benefits and impact Creative Learning can have both academically and emotionally.

We wouldn’t expect you to do anything you wouldn’t ask the children to do……and that’s mostly have fun!

How can I continue my learning after this course?

At Creative Minds we understand everyone’s professional development is different.

We have created tailor made on demand courses, with bite sized lessons and modules to suit everyone’s own personal development journey.

Whether that is Early Years, SEN or Curriculum; we want you to choose the right course for you!

All of our courses come with theory, examples, resources, an end of course certificate and are delivered through on demand learning so you can decide when and where you want to learn.

Browse our courses today!

About Creative Minds

Creative Minds is co-founded and owned by drama specialist Rebecca Evers and dance specialist Elle McHugh. As parents and qualified teachers Rebecca and Elle have years of experience of working with youngsters and alongside teachers, and other educational providers to make Creative Learning a sustainable teaching tool to embed into every aspect of the school day.

Through courses, training and resources Creative Minds breaks down the many misconceptions that still surround Creative Learning delivery. With a focus on learning styles, methods and stimulus Rebecca and Elle work with schools, teachers and coaches to build confidence in Creative Learning delivery and provide practical strategies and approaches for cross curricular delivery.


Course materials will be available once you have enrolled on this course.

[{"id":134889,"filename":"Year-1-Creative-Movement-Animals.pdf","name":"FREE lesson plans 1","type":"pdf","url":""},{"id":134890,"filename":"Year-3-Drama-Space.pdf","name":"FREE lesson plans 2","type":"pdf","url":""},{"id":134872,"filename":"Creative-Minds-Early-Years-Resource.pdf","name":"FREE lesson plans 3","type":"pdf","url":""},{"id":135120,"filename":"Mental-Health-Plans.pdf","name":"FREE lesson plans 4","type":"pdf","url":""}]

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