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Teaching and Learning Specialist

My CPD Goals

To support, celebrate and inspire other leaders. To learn from their expertise and enhance opportunities for collaboration.


Primary, Secondary and Post 16. Experience teaching A level Psychology, Sociology, EPQ and in KS3 Literacy intervention.


NPQSL, NPQML, Bsc Human Psychology, PGCE, NVQ counselling


Examiners, Literacy Leader, Leader of outstanding department for Psychology in terms of progress, outcomes and Deputy for a successful sixth form.


Educator for almost 20 years specialist in Key Stage 5 Psychology, Literacy Leader, Ed Tech and Coach. Began my career as a Primary school teacher and then moved to Secondary to become a SEND teacher where I started the Literacy intervention. In addition when the 6th form was established I began teaching Psychology which turned out to be a true passion. I led both subjects to outstanding in terms of progress, attainment and positive outcomes. Now in a KS5 T&L learning role I have upskilled myself using self-directed CPD to become an Ed tech specialist and led the school in online learning using Microsoft Teams and other online features. I love networking, collaborating and believe that we are stronger when we work together. Effective CPD should have long term impact and accessible to all regardless of whether you work in a MAT, Consortia or local authority establishment. The opportunity to access high quality CPD, self-paced and relevant to your needs as an educator is vital.