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Early Childhood Education and Parenting Expert.


Dr. Kathryn Murray is passionate about designing positive outcomes for children. She has been in the education sector for 37 years. She has been an early childhood classroom teacher working alongside 1000s of families to care for and educate children. Moving from the classroom, Dr Kathryn lectured pre-service teachers at the university level. She has a global education consultancy and offers professional development to early childhood educators and supports families through parent coaching. Dr. Kathryn has written numerous university courses, education journal and magazine articles on parenting and teaching practices. She is the mother of 4 adult children who bring her joy every single day.


Dr. Kathryn Murray’s qualifications include: Doctor of Education, Masters in Learning Management, Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching (Primary/Preschool), Certificate IV Training and Assessment as well as numerous certificates in education based professional development and parent support.


University Distance Educator of the Year 2017, 2019, 2020. Best Early Childhood Mentor (International) 2020.


Dr. Kathryn lives close to the beach in Australia. She has 4 adult children, 2 girls and 2 boys who were all born in under 5 years. She is proud to say that they have grown into happy, productive adults. Kathryn is grateful for her global work that until 2020, allowed her to fulfil her love of travel….hopefully that will all happen again very soon.