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SpeakUp Mental Health & Wellbeing




A company born from lived experiences of mental illness and negative mental health, combined with a strong background in education (from ages 3 to 16) and senior leadership. We are striving to develop key knowledge and awareness of all things mental health and wellbeing in all areas of education, with all stakeholders in mind.

My CPD Goals

To deliver high quality CPD to all school stakeholders including mental health, emotional intelligence, nutrition, confidence and self-esteem and much, much more.


10+ years as a primary school teacher and senior leader, as well as support/youth worker for 11-16 year olds. Youth Mental Health and Adult Mental Health First Aid trained with many, many hours of CPD under our belts. Our lived experiences of mental illnesses have ignited a fire and a passion inside us where mental health is concerned; raising awareness, knowledge and overall emotional intelligence is high on our agenda for people of all ages and backgrounds.