Sport and physical activity contribute billions of pounds to national life

£85.5 billion is the combined economic and social value of taking part in sport and physical activity in England.

We’ll just leave that there for a moment.

£85.5 billion.

The sum is the result of a new major study undertaken by Sport England and Sheffield Hallam University. The report concluded that, taking account the costs of engagement and opportunity provision, for every £1 spent on sport and physical activity, a return on investment (ROI) of £3.91 was created for individuals and society in 2017/18. 

And it’s not just a figure, it’s about what makes up that figure.

It’s the:

  • 150,000 cases of heart disease and stroke prevented

  • 900,000 cases of diabetes prevented

  • 8,500 cases of cancer prevented

  • 93,000 cases of dementia prevented

  • 375,000 cases of depression prevented

  • 30,000,000 fewer GP visits

  • 33,000,000 reduced use of psychotherapy services

  • 21,000 hip fractures prevented

  • 1,500,000 back pain cases prevented

It’s also the:

  • 24 million people whose life satisfaction has improved through participation

  • 9 million people whose life satisfaction has improved through volunteering

Plus, the:

  • £4.5 million value of improved education

  • £277.5 million of increased earnings

Along with the:

  • 10,000 fewer crime incidents

  • £5.7 billion replacement value of work by volunteers

  • £14.2 billion value of enhanced social capital

And finally, the:

  • 285,000 jobs supported

  • £13.8 billion annual contribution to the economy

It’s all of that and so much more that makes your development in the sector worth it.

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