Who is Crichton Casbon?

Nationally and internationally known Education Consultant, Crichton Casbon MA (Curriculum Studies), is your course designer and leader for the ‘Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum’ course.

A lifetime’s experience within the world of PE and the physical curriculum lends Crichton a unique expertise and wealth of knowledge that he shares within every module of this course.

What is this lifetime of experience?

  • 17 years as a secondary school PE teacher – 15 of those as head of department and 2 as Head of PSHE

  • 8 years as a PE adviser in East Sussex, teaching in 220+ schools and designing and leading ‘legendary’ training in all aspects of the physical curriculum

  • 11 years at QCA writing the national curriculum programmes of study and schemes of work

  • As Subject Officer and Adviser at QCA, he led the research and impact arm of the PESS project for 7 years

  • Manager of the review of the secondary national curriculum 2007-2008

  • Joint author with Dr Lynne Spackman of Assessment in PE

  • Author of several articles in the PEAUK journal

  • Owning and managing Crichton Casbon Consulting since 2009

Crichton’s passion for PE and the physical curriculum drives his esteemed work within the sector, which has served only to strengthen the value he recognises in physical activity. Crichton understands physically active lives to be critical to young people’s long-term well-being, health and success in both work and society.

As Crichton guides you through this course, you too will develop your own passion for and belief in the deep value of both physical education (PE) and the wider physical curriculum. You’ll garner the knowledge, understanding and skill to create an outstanding Physical Curriculum in the primary school, and enhance your ability to inspire children to live their physical lives to the full.

And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, what if we were to tell you there’s some seriously jazzy shirts just calling out to be seen?!

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