Free Preschool Resource

A Jubilee resource for 2 – 5 year olds

In our jubilee inspired adventure, children take on the role of a VERY excited Queen celebrating her seventy years on the throne!

How it works:

1. Learn: Watch a short lesson to learn how to use one of our techniques – ‘Tall Tales’

2. Deliver ‘Jubilee Jump’: Use Tall Tales as you deliver our 20minute adventure, ‘Jubilee Jump’

3. Make a difference: Boost imaginations while developing children’s personal, social and emotional skills, communication and language, and physical skills

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What’s included

  • A short lesson to teach you how to use the ‘Tall Tales’ technique

  • The ‘Jubilee Jump’ adventure (lesson plan)

  • Original Pyjama Drama music

  • Ongoing support via email, and our online support group

About Pyjama Drama

  • An award-winning company

  • Run by experienced teachers

  • Established 2005 in the UK

  • Enjoyed by teachers and children in the UK and worldwide including in California, Malaysia, Australia, China, and India

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