How Food Shapes Your Child Series – introduction

How Food Shapes Your Child

The importance of early years nutrition goes a lot deeper than you may think. Feeding a child isn’t just about filling them up. The food that we eat each and every day has an impact on everything that we do, think and feel: –

Put simply, the food we eat affects every movement, every decision and every emotion.

In the series of short courses we will cover the following areas of childhood development and the role which nutrition plays;

Building a Brain

Building a Skeleton

Looking inside – muscles and systems

Shaping Food relationships

This intro video in module 1 is to stress the importance of why you should look to gain a deeper understanding of this food relationship and the food journey children are starting, to enable you in your position of influence to be able to help to shape the health of a generation as we all navigate our way through an increasingly unhealthy environment.

This short animation below shows just how fascinating our bodies are and how biology can be fun and should be introduced to the early years to shape our journey with our own health.

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