Mental Health Awareness for Adults

Mental Health Awareness

There is no health without mental health!

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem with one in six children (5 to 16 years) currently identified as having mental health problems.

We lose over 200 schoolchildren every year to suicide (those under 10 not included in statistics) and, on average, over 5 young people take their lives each day. The statistics are staggering around mental health but it is still a taboo subject.

Culturally, there still a huge stigma around mental health whether that is borne from fear, misunderstanding or just a lack of awareness. This can change!!

Via lived experiences of mental illness, gaining relevant qualifications (Youth Mental Health First Aid and Adult Mental Health First Aid) alongside becoming a MHFA instructor and after completing hours upon hours of my own CPD, I feel it is important to share my knowledge and strategies to help develop and support individuals in the incredibly important area of mental health, particularly those working in education settings!

Alongside this introductory course, there will be further opportunities (available soon) to develop yourself and your setting in terms of creating a positive approach to mental health in the workplace and how to best support your learners in important aspects of their lives such as self-esteem, resilience and emotional intelligence.

This course introduces you to mental health as a subject, it’s importance to us all and how we can safeguard it.

Aims of the course

  • To raise awareness and understanding of mental health and most common mental illnesses
  • To develop understanding of how our day to day lives impact our mental health
  • To understand how stigma and discrimination is negatively impacting mental health
  • To be able to identify what positive mental health looks like and how we can safeguard it

What’s in this course?

  • Mental health and mental illness
  • An introduction to the most common mental illnesses
  • Stigma and discrimination – what they are and how they affect those with mental health issues
  • What positive mental health looks like in our day to day lives
  • Importance of resilience in terms of our metal health and how we can develop this to better counteract stress
  • How we can safeguard our own mental health and positively impact upon it

Completing this course will give you are better awareness and understanding of mental health, enabling you to provide more informed and meaningful support for yourself, colleagues and learners. It will certainly have an impact on your day to day practice in both your professional and daily lives.

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