The fact is, we all have mental health – there is no health without mental health!

But, do we all know enough about it to make a difference in our own lives and others? What is there a difference between mental health and mental illness? Is mental health really that important?


1 in 4 adults will suffer with their mental health at some point in their lives

1 in 8 children currently experience poor mental health

We lose over 200 children (10-14 yrs) every year to suicide

Over 3 million children live with parents who have a mental illness

and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

This course will raise your awareness and give you a good foundation understanding of what mental health and mental illness is, the signs and symptoms of what to look for in yourself and others, how you can support yourself and others and the importance of self-care.

Course content:

  1. Mental health and mental health continuum
  2. Mental illness with a focus on most prominent – depression and anxiety
  3. What positive and negative mental health looks like
  4. Stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health
  5. Resilience and the role it plays in our mental health
  6. Self care strategies

The learning doesn’t end when the course does. On completion, you enter our course community where we can discuss and dissect the course content and further support each others learning journey. I’ll be happy to answer any questions and strive to offer the best learning experience possible so construction criticism is welcomed.

See you there!

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