Nurturing Parents Club

It is so important that all the adults in a child’s life work together. Supporting children with the experiences and opportunities that are going to see them develop to their full potential. But bringing everyone together can often be a struggle.

  • When can you organise times for everyone to attend?
  • What information do you need?
  • Where do you begin?

With the Nurturing Parents Club everyone has access to the knowledge, understanding and support you need. Covering all the modules and content that you can find at Nurturing Childhoods and accessed at a time to suit everyone. With all the support you could possibly need.

How it works:

1. Read: Every month you will have access to an 8-page booklet that explores an area of child development, well-being, emotions or learning. Full of top-tips and guidance, it will also offer great ideas for how you can make the small changes that make the big differences to children’s development.

2. Watch: To bring the content of the booklet to life, you will also have access to an online session that you can watch at a time and place to suit you. So, learn how to nurture mathematical thinking in a six-month-old while you are on your lunch break. Or finally understand those difficult behaviours while you are at the gym as you understand how our decisions make such a big impact.

3. Share: With access to the Community Group, where you can share your ideas, ask questions and learn from everyone else, you have all the support you need.

What makes Nurturing Childhoods different?

Every day sees you making a huge difference to the children in your life. You are moulding young minds, developing bodies and shaping personalities.  Nurturing your children in ways that are more complex and longer lasting than can possibly be reflected in a set of learning goals or development objectives.  And yet, with most forms of guidance you may turn to, this is how they tend to be structured.

  • Children are complex little creatures and they need understanding in a holistic way.
  • It is no good looking at their emotions without considering their levels of confidence.
  • You can’t begin to manage behaviours without communication.
  • And everyone is going to have a frustrating time of it without good old fashioned physical play.

Children need a lot of support… and so do the adults caring for them if they are going to offer a truly nurtured childhood. Caring for young children is the most amazing experience, but it is a highly complex business, with the decisions we make impacting our young children’s lives in every way.

  • Nurturing Childhoods offers all the adults in a child’s life the knowledge, understanding and support they need
  • Child development and growth is seen as the holistic process it is, with every aspect of growth and development supporting all others
  • Independent of learning goals, development guidelines and todays curricula, children do not fit neatly into age-related boxes.

Through the Nurturing Parents Club sessions you can share the knowledge, understanding and support that everyone needs. Not just to care for children, but to nurture children in their early years. You will look at what it means to a child to feel secure, with understood emotions and behaviours. You will reflect on the importance of well-being, happiness and making friends. As well as how your routines, environment and actions are experienced by your children. And you will learn the importance of the little things you do.

You will also join a growing community of early years practitioners and families that are looking to refocus the things we do in early years back where our children need it to be.  As we nurture the full potential of every unique child.

We will look at sessions on:

  • Understanding your child from the inside out
  • Playing with your child
  • Time to get physical
  • Early communication with your child
  • Time for sleep
  • Helping your child to manage their emotions
  • Managing emotions in a social world
  • Understanding child anxiety
  • Understanding your child’s behaviour
  • Coping with emotional outbursts, aka the temper tantrum
  • Developing the confidence to think and express themselves
  • Understanding self-esteem
  • Developing your child’s social skills
  • Empowering resilient children
  • Supporting your child’s learning
  • Learning to read
  • Getting mathematical

Who’s it for?

Anyone interested in nurturing children through their early years and beyond.

The Nurturing Parents Club is designed as a way of sharing best practice and ideas between all the adults in a child’s life. As a parent, your membership will give you access to all the guidance and support you need. And as a teacher, childminder or setting you can use the information you gain in the club to support your practice and your engagements with families.

What’s included in the monthly cost?

  • Every month you will have access to the new session
  • With an 8-page booklet offering you guidance, support and top tips
  • Along with the supporting half-hour online session for you to watch at a time and place that suits you
  • You will also become a member of the Community Group where you can share ideas and questions
  • And receive discounts on other Nurturing Childhoods courses and resources

What other courses and resources are available?

Take a look at the wide range of courses and support that is available for families, settings and schools at Nurturing Childhoods. Including the setting based Nurturing Childhoods Accreditation. You can also access a wide range of training on MyCPD, including the Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner Accreditation and stand alone CPD Booster sessions.

How much does a subscription cost?

Membership to the Nurturing Parents Club is £19 per month. Included are high-quality training sessions that you can share with your parents and childcare setting. An 8-page session-based resource to support the session and membership of the Nurturing Parents Club Community Group. In addition to all this, subscribers also benefit from freebies and discounts on other Nurturing Childhoods courses and resources!

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