‘The Way I Feel’ Activity Pack

Winner of the Teach Early Years Awards 2020 in the Communication and Language Category!

For anyone working with preschool children, ‘The Way I Feel’ is a drama-based Activity Pack designed to be delivered over six weeks. It stars Gary the mixed-up frog, an imaginary character who joins in with each activity and helps children name, talk about and manage their BIG emotions.

How it works:

1. Learn: Six teacher demonstration videos will show you exactly how to deliver each activity with ease, no matter what your prior experience of drama.

2. Play: Using your new skills, lead six weekly Pyjama Drama games and activities that will ignite children’s imaginations, develop their empathy, and teach them practical ways to manage their emotions.

3. Make a difference: Contribute to the development of children’s personal, social and emotional skills, their communication and language, and their physical skills.

Meet Gary, the star of our Activity Pack…

What’s included:

  • Six drama-based activities linked to the three Prime Areas of Learning (EYFS)

  • Six extension activities (printable)

  • Six teacher demonstration videos

  • Original music and music video, ‘Mixed Up Frog’

  • Ongoing support via our online support group

  • Certificate of completion

  • An (imaginary) tree-frog

An imaginary tree frog?

Central to every activity is Gary, an imaginary tree frog but don’t worry, even if you don’t usually lead pretend play, bringing this character to life is much easier than you might think.

Your pack includes our top tips for pretend play as well as six individual demonstration videos. And because children love to copy, you’ll soon have a room full of ‘Garys’ – new friends who will help children manage their emotions, long after each activity.

Watch a snippet of a teacher demonstration video!

Develop children’s skills:

  • Physical skills. Jump, leap, bounce, dance, spin, and turn with Gary

  •  Personal, social and emotional skills. Learn how to recognise and manage emotions. Take turns, listen, concentrate, and develop empathy

  •  Communication and language. Learn new rhymes, songs, and develop emotional literacy. Practise debating, negotiating, and sharing ideas

  •  Imagination. Pretend, role play, and explore the world with imaginary characters

Develop YOUR skills:

  •  Drama skills. Learn how to use simple drama techniques to bring Gary the tree frog to life

  •  Confidence. No longer be daunted by the idea of doing ‘drama’, after all, drama is just another word for play!

What’s the support group?

You’ll automatically be added to our online support group when you sign up where you can chat with other parents and educators of preschool children. Ask questions, share ideas, seek support, and get inspired!

Do I have to be ‘good at’ drama?

If you can pull a funny face and make a child laugh, or put on different voices when reading a story, you already are good at drama! And don’t forget, your Activity Pack includes demonstration videos and ongoing support so anyone, no matter what their experience of drama, can deliver powerful and meaningful play.

When was Pyjama Drama established?

Pyjama Drama was launched back in 2005 in Mid-Wales, UK by drama teacher and mum of three, Sarah Owen who now runs the business with her sister, Rachel McKenna. Tens of thousands of children have benefited from our unique approach to play, both in the UK and internationally, and our high-quality training has been recognised in the Teach Early Years awards 2020 and 2021. Pyjama Drama is enjoyed in the UK, California, China, India and Malaysia. 

What other training and resources are available? 

Browse our full offering, from our monthly subscription service, online courses and anti-bullying curriculum for primary schools here: https://tinyurl.com/2p9csspe

What a success with my Nursery classes!!! ‘The Way I Feel’….what a success with my Nursery classes!!! Tried it today soooo impressed with how my morning Nursery picked it up and ran with it….we have a [frog called] Pom Pom, a Lippy and an Alan to name a few….rainbow coloured, pink with purple spots and then they took their tree frogs outside to play with and were talking to them and loving it. Soooo excited to incorporate this into my daily teaching and learning about emotions……Gary got a mention on our school class Twitter page. Thank you! Would love to know about other packages like this. Abigail Brana, Nursery Teacher 

Wonderful ‘A wonderful and innovative resource.’ L. Thomas, Deputy Head

I was surprised at how responsive the kids were… ‘This mini-curriculum was so extremely helpful! The ready to use ideas and lessons were great to implement the same day and watching each video took only a few minutes of time. Sarah does a great job conveying the message and I was worried I would not be as confident but I was surprised at how responsive the kids were. You don’t have to be perfect, the kids will love it!’ Erin R., Preschool Teacher

I learned so much ‘Would you recommend to a friend? YES IN A HEARTBEAT! I LEARNED SO MUCH I CAN ONLY EXPRESS IT IN CAPS!’ Nursery Teacher

Wonderful ‘A wonderful resource, really straightforward to use. Thank you.’ Jo, Nursery Teacher

Great! Great! Very helpful fountain of resources for creativity and imagination in children. Magda, Parent    

The techniques are so useful and powerful! ‘The music and support is amazing. The techniques are so useful and powerful! I cannot say thank you enough for this offering!’ Nursery Teacher 


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