‘The Way I Feel’ Activity Pack won a Teach Early Years Award in 2020 (Communication and Language category) and contains six powerful drama-based activities and accompanying extension tasks that help children to recognise, name, and manage their big emotions.

Designed to be delivered over six weeks, the star of ‘The Way I Feel’ is Gary the tree frog, an imaginary character brought to life by the teacher, kept alive in children’s imaginations, and who joins in with each activity.

Gary is a mixed-up tree frog; one minute he’s grey, the next yellow, a few minutes later bright red, and he’s in desperate need of some help. Can his friends help Gary learn what to do when he feels frustrated, confused, angry, or lonely? Watch ‘Mixed Up Frog’ below to find out!

Who is this resource for?

Anyone who works with, or who spends any time at all with children aged 3 – 5. You don’t have to be ‘good at’ drama or pretending to be able to quickly and easily bring the power of drama and imaginative play into your classroom or home.

What skills will children develop?

  •  Physical skills. Jump, leap, bounce, dance, spin and turn with Gary
  •  Personal, social and emotional skills. Learn how to recognise and manage emotions. Take turns, listen, concentrate, and develop empathy
  •  Communication and language. Learn new rhymes, songs, and develop emotional literacy. Practise debating, negotiating, and sharing ideas
  •  Imagination. Pretend, role play, and explore the world with imaginary characters

What skills will I develop?

  •  Drama skills. Learn how to use simple drama techniques to bring Gary the tree frog to life in your setting or home
  •  Confidence. No longer be daunted by the idea of doing ‘drama’, after all, drama is just another word for play!

Still think you can’t ‘do drama’ with children?

If you’ve no prior experience of drama or don’t usually lead pretend play, you may feel a little daunted by the idea of engaging in role play with an imaginary frog sitting in the palm of your hand. But there is really no need because this resource pack also includes six teacher demo videos to show you exactly how to bring Gary to life – even if you have no experience of drama, or consider yourself to be naturally shy.

Take a look at a snippet from one of our teacher demonstration videos below and if you think you, like our play expert Sarah, can show emotion through your voice, facial expression and body language, and have the imagination to believe Gary really IS sitting in the palm of your hand, you CAN do drama!

Children love to copy so before you know it, you’ll have a whole room full of ‘Garys’ as children cradle their very own little frog in the palm of their hands – a new friend who can continue to help them manage their emotions long after you’ve finished delivering the activities.

What’s included?

  • A downloadable pack containing six drama-based activities linked to the EYFS* and six extension activities
  • Six teacher demonstration videos
  • An (imaginary!) tree frog
  • Original music and music video, ‘Mixed Up Frog’
  •  An online support network

*Learning Objectives linked to EYFS three Areas Prime of Learning (CL, PD, PSED) and one Specific Area of Learning (EAD)

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