How important are pupil/teacher relationships for learning?

Ask any teacher what is the key to a happy, productive classroom and they is will tell you it’s all about relationships.

To coin a house buying phrase, it’s ‘Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. The three R’s of learning and teaching

My courses and resources are all about the ‘what, why and how’ of building effective learning relationship between pupils and teachers and the benefits they bring for progress and achievement.  They are not theoretical studies but grounded in the practical day to day challenges teachers face and based on my own 40+ years of experience. It is fair to say I have both the video and the T-shirt!

I have recently brought many aspects of my work and experience together in a learning journal for teachers. Although in the form of a book it is much more than that. If you can’t reach them you can’t teach them. Building effective learning relationships’ was published by Critical Publishing in March this year. With reflective exercises and challenges as the UkEdChat review says when they scored it 9/10

‘This is a highly reflective book for teachers who are encouraged to actively consider their teaching practice throughout, offering guidance for pedagogical self-improvement’

UkEdChat book review, Link:

There is also an extract from my book about engaging pupils online via Teach Secondary that also appeared in their March issue. ‘Student engagement – How can we make secondary pupils WANT to engage in lessons?’

You can find the Teach Secondary article here:


The courses you will find that I have developed specifically for MyCPD are all based on the philosophy ‘Please Be Child Friendly’, a mnemonic for Power – Belonging – Choice and Fun. You can choose a taster or ‘Foundation course’ to learn first hand the benefits of my approach and then choose from several courses to build your own ongoing CPD package. I did say it was a learning journey. Don’t worry though I will be with you every step of the way and can offer 1:1 coaching as well as school-based programmes.

I look forward to guiding and supporting you on your learning journey. Kev

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